A's/Angels Recap, All-Star Game, and More!

Rob Rundle and Tyler York recap the exciting game between the A's and the Angels in the Cincinnati Adult Baseball League at Milford High School in Milford, Ohio. The duo talks about the players named to the All-Star game, background on the name, uniform, and elephant selection, and much more! Be sure to subscribe to our website www.cablathletics.com for all things CABL Athletics; if you subscribe, you will receive an email every time we publish a news article or game recap, and it's FREE!

The Elephant in the Room
00:19:06 7/20/2022

Past Episodes

The Elephant in the Room
Austin Tielke joins Rob Rundle and Tyler York for the second episode of "The Elephant in the Room," where the trio talks about the team (i.e. best swag, funniest person on the team, etc.), the All-Star game, and the A's/Rockies game recap.
00:34:34 8/8/2022

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