A real Life trip into the Twilight Zone-Calvin Parker on His Historic Alien Abduction experience

Today we're going to be discussing the strange case of Mr. Calvin Parker and his friend Charles Hixon who during a full moon on a fateful October 11th evening in 1973, went fishing after their shift working at a shipyard in Pascagoula Mississippi, only to find themselves, ironically, on the business end of another kind of "hook" in the form of an abduction by what can only be described as beings of unknown origin. Now, the case was covered by the national news and over the many years since the event, it's become one of the most credible, fascinating stories of human beings being collected, examined, much like we do other species from the wild, and then...let go. Quick note, more often than not, we continue to track those specimens, and Calvin is no exception in his particular case.

The Phenomenon Report
01:05:12 9/2/2020

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