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We sure did miss you all this past week, Creative Team Fans! We have decided to put a pin in our originally scheduled Tag Team Bracket and play a bit of catch up in the Pro Wrestling News World. A lot has happened in our 1-week absence, and we thought that it would be best to discuss the latest news in long form! We got the monumental Merger. The future of Raw, Smackdown, & NXT. AEW Grand Salm. Is John Moxley hurt? Eddie Kingston is a double champion. Oh yeah! The Rock also returned on Friday Night Smackdown!!! What does this all mean??? We discuss it all today. It's a Creative Team Catch-Up! Enjoy!

The Creative Team
01:03:26 9/27/2023

Past Episodes

The Creative Team
We will be back next week! Please enjoy a special episode from last year. The Creative Team pays tribute to The Greatest Mothers in pro wrestling. That's right! Just before we gush over our own Mothers, we are going to discuss and solidify probably the most adorable Top 10s we have ever had! It's The Creative Team Top 10 Mothers of Wrestling! Gimmicks, Legends, Real life, or Imaginary. All Mothers in the crazy world of professional wrestling qualify. Who will be the topic of this loving conversation? Tune in now!
00:52:02 2/28/2024
The Creative Team
It is still that time of the year ladies and gents! Valentines Day may be in our rear-view mirror, but the theme of the month rolls on! Normally we talk about love and heartfelt moments during this time of year. Why not pivot and talk about all the Heart Break!? On this special Top 10 countdown, Ron & Cole put their heads together to solidify the Top 10 moments in the career of the "Heart Break Kid" Shawn Michaels. So many subjects to talk about. Lots of memories to dig through. Will your favorite moment make the list? Tune in now!
01:07:52 2/21/2024
The Creative Team
Happy Valentine's Day from all of us here at the Creative Team. Love is in the air. What better way to celebrate than talking about one of the most brutal technicians to step in the squared circle? Greg "The Hammer" Valentine was tailor-made to be a top guy in the golden era, but it just didn't go that way. Today! Ron and Cole will correct that mistake. Strap in, hug your significant other, and let us rewrite history today! It is Take it up with Creative for Mr. Greg Valentine! Enjoy!
00:46:21 2/14/2024
The Creative Team
Love is in the air in February, and we have a lovely month planned for you all. Before we get there, there is a lot of news to catch up on in the world of wrestling. Once we've been caught up on all the news and creative decisions in the modern times of wrestling, it is time rewind the clocks back to the Attitude Era and ponder a possibility everyone ponders about. What if Mark Henry won the heavyweight championship? More importantly, what if "Sexual Chocolate" Mark Henry won the heavyweight championship? It's a Take it up with Creative for the ages. Tune in now!
00:57:12 2/7/2024
The Creative Team
We hope you all enjoyed this year's Royal Rumble, Creative Team fans! BUT WE'RE NOT TALKING ABOUT THIS YEAR'S RUMBLE JUST YET! The review is coming. Tune into that next week! Normally, everyone talks about the Royal Rumble match, themselves. Today, all matches that took place at the Royal Rumble are up for grabs on this special Top 10 episode! Thats right. Ron & Cole of The Creative team will discuss, in detail, the greatest matches that took place at The Royal Rumble event since the very first one! Will any of your favorites make the cut! Find out now!
01:23:35 1/31/2024
The Creative Team
It is the dramatic conclusion to the Royal Rumble Winners Bracket. Join Cole & Ron of The Creative Team, along with their 3rd man, Dino Winwood to find out who is the greatest Royal Rumble winner of all time!
01:07:53 1/22/2024
The Creative Team
We love Royal Rumble season! So, it's time for a classic bracket. We now have enough Royal Rumble winners to do so! Join Ron & Cole with their 3rd man, Dino Winwood for Pt 1 of The Royal Rumble Winners Bracket! Don't forget the Darsow!
01:20:44 1/17/2024
The Creative Team
It's 2024 and CM Punk is in WWE. A sentence no wrestling fan thought they would say. Hell certainly has frozen over. 10 years ago, CM Punk parted ways with WWE while on the road to WrestleMania 30. What better time to Take it up with Creative? Ron and Cole put their minds to the test and book CM Punk's road to WrestleMania 30. How would we get there, who would he face, and would he be in the main event? Tune in now to find out!
01:05:14 1/10/2024
The Creative Team
HAPPY NEW YEAR, friends! A Wonderous year of wrestling possibilities is upon us! Before we wildly speculate on the future, we are going to talk about the year that was 2023 in professional wrestling. The year had its ups, downs, and everything in between. From monumental business news to historic returns, last year was packed with so many moments! So much so, that it deserved its own Top 10 Episode! It's The Creative Team's Top 10 Moments of 2023. Tune in now!
01:50:11 1/3/2024
The Creative Team
A very Happy Holiday from us here at The Creative Team. What a fun year of what-ifs and good Ol fashioned Pro wrestling debates amongst friends. You are the reason we are coming up on 3 years as a podcast and we are extremely grateful for you to have us in your home this Holiday Season! Speaking of extreme! We are wrapping up December to Dismember with a bang! One of the biggest let downs in this company's existence was its revamping in 2006. It was not the ECW we remembered, and it definitely wasn't a show to forget, even though many of us have tried. Today we take it up with creative. What could have been done? What should have been done? Whatever the boys come up with today will surely be a treat. It's Take it up with Creative - WWECW. Happy New Year everyone!
01:00:40 12/27/2023

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