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Foodies have their own culture and rituals. If you know, you know. This week we dive into 2 shows on foodie culture and share experiences of our own. Whether you watch Chef's Table, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, The Menu or The Bear, if you appreciate food, you'll enjoy this episode. It's full of clips and fun commentary. https://www.2monicaspodcast.com Legacy Sponsor: Travel Concierge Kristina Porter, krisporter@travelmation.net Podcast affiliates: Parenting with Heart & Spotlight Interviews a 2 Monicas Podcast Production

2 Monicas & a Microphone
00:42:41 5/16/2023

Past Episodes

2 Monicas & a Microphone
We're talking about some people reliving their fame for better or worse. Those people 90s & 00s pop culture stars with podcasts! Anyone can have a podcast these days. I mean look at us!
00:47:13 6/6/2023
2 Monicas & a Microphone
We recap the historical coronation of King Charles. Learn some historical facts about the private anointing, Queen Elizabeth's coronation, Princess Kate's headpiece and what in the world was Princess Anne doing on a horse?
00:00:00 5/9/2023
2 Monicas & a Microphone
In this episode, we dive into life before the princesses (and former princess) were royal. Who had a boyfriend? Who found true love? Who only met her prince on 13 occasions before getting married? Also, who can't seem to keep her story straight? Listen in as we answer these questions plus learn about the childhood of Princess Di, Kate Middleton, and Meghan Markle. Find out who had a book binding business on the side, and who has a family party decor business. Plus, we play a little game of Who Wore it Best. Follow us on social media @2monicaspodcast. Full show notes at 2monicaspodcast.com
00:46:28 5/2/2023
2 Monicas & a Microphone
We are speeding ahead to the Coronation of King Charles and wrapping up our coverage of Prince Harry and Markle. This week we dive deep into Meghan and her side of being a "Spare", including some of the best headlines of the last month. This episode is fun, caddy, and consider it your cheat sheet to all things Ex-Royal. You can find full show notes and resources at www.2monicaspodcast.com 2 Monicas & A Microphone is a Nothing Serious Productions podcast. Follow us on all social media @2monicaspodcast Text "listen" to (567) 245-1887? for episode alerts. Series Sponsor: Kris Boes, Travel Agent @travelwithgraceandjoy Legacy Sponsor: Kris Porter, Travel Concierge (@travelwithgraceandjoy)
00:42:04 4/23/2023
2 Monicas & a Microphone
Part Two! We talk King Charles Coronation and whether or not Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will make an appearance. This episode also details their demands for attendance.
00:00:00 4/17/2023
2 Monicas & a Microphone
What tea has been spilt at Buckingham Palace? We outline the saga that has become Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
00:00:00 4/10/2023
2 Monicas & a Microphone
Take fear, turn it *way* up and you end up with a phobia. There are the most commonly known like claustrophobia and arachnophobia, but what about mageirocophobia or editiovultaphobia? Perhaps you know someone with a phobia? Dive into the world of phobias in this entertaining and not too serious look at irrational fears. Nothing Serious Production, LLC https://www.2monicaspodcast.com contact@2monicaspodcast.com
00:39:34 4/3/2023
2 Monicas & a Microphone
Do entitled people on social media have a skewed sense of reality? Are these individuals living in their own little bubble or what? In today's episode we're diving into the world of entitled social media posts. From moms mooching free stuff for their kids to bridezilla influencers and cheapskates asking for free stuff just because, we're discussing it all. Check out full show notes at 2monicaspodcast.com Follow us on Instagram, Tik Tok & all social media @2monicaspodcast Don't forget to follow and leave a 5 star review!
00:00:00 3/28/2023
2 Monicas & a Microphone
If you haven't seen the documentary on Hulu, it's a must see for true crime lovers. This story touches a nerve close to us as Monica lived and worked where Morgan was abducted. We try not to spoil it for you, but want to give context and life to the family and people who lived there at the time.
00:20:30 2/28/2023
2 Monicas & a Microphone
As a parent you've probably experienced the judging eyes of others at the playground, in the grocery store and while out to dinner. It makes you feel terrible. So why do we do it? In today's episode we explore how to turn our tendency to judge into compassion and empathy for other parents. Parenting is hard enough, then add the complexity of making your kids "well rounded". Whatever. Fortunately, we have Kristin Schmoke Parenting Coach here to help. Find her at https://www.kristinschmokecoaching.com, join The Parenting Village on Facebook or better yet, join https://thevillageforparents.my.canva.site/ Parenting with Heart is a 2 Monicas Podcast Production http://www.2monicaspodcast.com
00:22:55 1/30/2023

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