How do we choose whether to fight, flight or freeze and how do we make the right choice for us?

I am Danielle Louise
00:09:50 6/1/2023

Past Episodes

I am Danielle Louise
Why don't we love ourselves enough? Here's why and how to change it.
00:13:01 5/18/2023
I am Danielle Louise
How to use open ended questions such as 'What if' to shift your energy instantly and start the day on fire!
00:07:46 11/5/2022
I am Danielle Louise
Welcome back, today I'm going to talk about 'The Ripple Effect' and how we can create change in our lives.
00:08:03 6/26/2022
I am Danielle Louise
We hear the word alignment thrown around a lot but here I break it down and give you my version of alignment, what it means and how to utilise it.
00:10:28 3/27/2022
I am Danielle Louise
When things seem tough or you are just feeling playful, use this phrase and stay open to receive to shift your energy instantly.
00:07:21 3/12/2022
I am Danielle Louise
A simple way to use visualisation to help you take the action you need to up-level any area of your life.
00:08:03 2/28/2022
I am Danielle Louise
In this episode I will be unpicking who you truly are versus what you believe to be true.
00:11:11 2/21/2022

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