48: Jags Den Podcast Ep. 47: Eagles vs. Jags recap

Jay and Phil hit the booth to talk about the good and bad to come from the Jags' Week 2 loss to the Eagles which was a much better outing than Week 1's to the Ravens.

Jags Den Podcast
01:08:15 8/17/2019

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Jags Den Podcast
Jay steps in the booth to give his analysis on the Jags' Week 5 loss to Carolina and looks ahead to what needs to be done to beat the Saints.
00:50:36 10/11/2019
Jags Den Podcast
Phil, Jay and Jacob returned to the booth for a victory Monday episode of the Jags' win against the Broncos. Listen in as the group recapped Week 4's victory while looking at the good and bad that came from it. Of course, they also talked some Gardner Minshew and Jalen Ramsey, as both are the topics of national discussions.
01:06:23 10/2/2019
Jags Den Podcast
Jay and Jacob hit the lab to talk about the Jags key storylines prior to Thursday's game vs. the Eagles like their thoughts on Cam Robinson's abrupt return, Nick Foles' future after hearing about a lingering elbow injury from his past that nearly made him retire and some player to watch in Week 2's game
01:00:50 8/15/2019

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