WHAMO! GiO takes us inside the interview with Ronald McGiO and "Randy" from "Lame-O" on the C-U-Next Tuesday morning show presented by Carter Drive Sessions! https://www.carterdrivesessions.com/ Music: Broloaf - Happy Halloween https://broloaf.bandcamp.com/ Cosmic Soup Recording https://cosmicsouprecording.com/

squAred Up with GiO
00:32:00 10/24/2021

Past Episodes

squAred Up with GiO
Behind the scenes of some of the most legendary songs to come out of Payson, AZ! Enjoy and go download Drainage you twat's it's free!
00:32:56 3/13/2022
squAred Up with GiO
We're resetting this shit! Cuz it's my podcast and I can literally do whatever tf I want with it so fuck off!!! Also I made "Drainage" free on bandcamp so go download it before i change my mind!
00:29:27 3/5/2022
squAred Up with GiO

BLAMH! Episode 30 was a test to see if GiO's shit works properly. there is some good stories and messages in the episode as well. Enjoy and download FREE!


Madd Dog Tannen - Ska Song


Cosmic Soup Recording


00:32:37 11/21/2021
squAred Up with GiO
FOOWAHMMY!! Marcel and Gio discuss the 2nd annual Cosmic Soup Recording Extravaganza, they talk movies and media, and family life and values! Music: TV Tragedy - Qualified Immunity https://tvtragedy.bandcamp.com/ Crack Rabbit - Trigger https://open.spotify.com/artist/1I8btu5lDnxxV9qTt089CB?si=RRsuy8PxS5SEnu796OTJ4g&utm_source=copy-link Cosmic Soup Recording https://cosmicsouprecording.com/
01:38:25 11/8/2021
squAred Up with GiO
I'M McLOVIN' IT! Ronald McGio makes a brief appearance on the show before we never see him again! Spooky stories and horrific tales by Gio! All music from "We Punk You An AZ Halloween" compilation! https://desertedaz.bandcamp.com/album/we-punk-you-an-az-halloween Enjoy and download this episode FREE! Music: Creepsville 666 - Killing Time https://m.facebook.com/creepsville666 The Posters - The Dog https://theposters.bandcamp.com/ Vices To The Grave - Troubled Soul https://vicestothegrave.bandcamp.com/
00:24:15 10/31/2021
squAred Up with GiO
OH TOOTLES! GiO gives a glimpse into the Halloween party at Pub Rock from October 16th 2021! GiO and Sexy guest Jeremy Daniel talk about the upcoming Cosmic Soup Extravaganza! Enjoy and download FREE! Music: squA²red - Common Ground https://squaredsux.bandcamp.com/ Cosmic Soup Recording https://cosmicsouprecording.com/
00:39:24 10/17/2021
squAred Up with GiO
GOLLY GEE! GiO and Vic talk about Vic leaving Birth of Monsters and creating Alchemy Corp. Enjoy and download FREE!!! Music: Andy Warpigs - Get It Together https://www.gofundme.com/f/funeral-expenses-for-andy-warpigs Cosmic Soup Recording https://cosmicsouprecording.com/
00:25:52 10/10/2021
squAred Up with GiO
EUREKA! GiO and special guest Jeremy tell you all about your new plans for the end of 2021! Enjoy and download FREE!!! Music: Perfect Sense - Break the Sky https://perfectsensemusic.bandcamp.com/ Cosmic Soup Recording https://cosmicsouprecording.com/
00:59:24 10/3/2021
squAred Up with GiO
SQUISH! GiO and Uncle Nate discuss the line between being a punk rocker and being a good father. GiO and his family are on vacation in California at Uncle Nate's house. Enjoy and download FREE! Music: The Venomous Pinks - Todos Unidos https://thevenomouspinks.com/ Cosmic Soup Recording cosmicsouprecording.com
01:11:27 9/26/2021
squAred Up with GiO
SHIZAHM! Episode 22 is a hub for pupular punk rock songs in AZ! GiO guides the non typical punk rock listener through the beloved tracks of the Arizona punk rock scene! Enjoy and download FREE! Music: FoL - Not Today https://firstorlastaz.bandcamp.com/ Contradiktion - Hardy Parder https://cosmicsouprecording.bandcamp.com/ Skull Drug - My Father's Son https://skulldrug.bandcamp.com/ No Composure - Clocking In https://nocomposuremusic.bandcamp.com/ TV Tragedy - X-Ray Audio https://tvtragedy.bandcamp.com/ Neato - No Barriers https://open.spotify.com/artist/0u2NKbEtytMqqArazYKtR3?si=8xSeJoTWQxaVhzWHE5XjBw&utm_source=copy-link&dl_branch=1 squA²red - Cold Shoulder https://squaredsux.bandcamp.com/ https://cosmicsouprecording.com/
00:38:20 9/19/2021

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