Faith and begorrah!

It's the week of St. Patrick's Day, and your brave hosts are here to clink glass around a little glass of whiskey that we're sharing as we get into the history of the Irish diaspora in America and their most famous holiday.

Plus: Lots of attempts at accents, a round-up of the news of the day, and a brief history of Kyle's Irish family, from County Longford to the Ontario town Letterkenny is based on to the industrial Midwest to sunny Southern California.

Editor's note: "Cilantro" is Spanish, not Italian, but "coriander" is rooted in French, so Kyle's 1 for 2 from the cold open.

A Chicken in Every Pod
01:00:50 3/16/2021

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A Chicken in Every Pod
Kyle and Lucia go into the history of the U.S.' military involvement with Afghanistan. Plus, some positive things?
00:00:00 8/30/2021
A Chicken in Every Pod

Gleep my glorp!

As promised, folks, we're continuing our coverage of the recent UFO news! We go over the government UFO report as well as the hotly anticipated "more fun" stories –– about PRESIDENTS hanging out with ALIENS. It's a wild ride to the stars, so don't miss this wrap-up of our UFO coverage!

Plus: RIP Mike Gravel and a somewhat muddled rendition of "Misbehavin" from the wonderful HBO series The Righteous Gemstones as we finish setting up the audio for the show

00:46:20 6/30/2021
A Chicken in Every Pod

The truth is...right here!?

It's been a minute but we're back, and we're digging into the hottest news story this side of Saturn's rings –– UFOs! With the New York Times and the Department of Defense rolling out new disclosures seemingly by the day, we figure it's about time we got our Mulder and Mulderina on and dug into the truth.

Plus: We got married! And we talk about it!

00:55:52 5/31/2021
A Chicken in Every Pod

Filibustin' makes me feel good!

Hello friends and enemies, on the new ChickenPod we're getting into the history of the filibuster! We talk about how and why the filibuster is a Jim Crow relic, why there is a movement to abolish it, and how it got to be what it is today.

Plus: the White House Easter egg roll, an explanation of the end of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and Kyle saying "grind to a halt" way too many times!

00:52:09 3/28/2021
A Chicken in Every Pod

Hey gang!

This week we've got an interrelated two-parter –– the history of Black History Month and its progenitor, the historian Carter Woodson, and the life and work of pioneering activist Fannie Lou Hamer. Strap on in folks –– this one's informative and powerful as hell!

Special credit to legendary blues artist Elizabeth Cotten for the closing credits music –– her seminal tune "Freight Train." We didn't get into Cotten in the episode, but as a blues musician from a poor family in North Carolina, her incredible music is the soundtrack to these stories. Look her up and enjoy, why don't ya!!

01:21:22 2/28/2021
A Chicken in Every Pod

Love is in the air. It's nearly Valentine's Day, and your hosts have taken a break from pitching woo to talk about the most romantic thing we could think of –– the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre and the Prohibition conditions that led to it. Load up your Tommy gun, grab a stogie, and pour yourself a dang lemonade, because we're lighting this garage up!

Plus: TrumpWatch, romantic comedies, and some Lucia family history!

00:50:54 2/13/2021
A Chicken in Every Pod

Get in losers, we're building America's transportation infrastructure!

Here's the thing: Kyle thought it would be fun to, over time, cover all the Cabinet positions, and since Ratboy Pete was just confirmed as Secretary of Transportation, why not start there? Well, the episode turned out pretty great despite the dull subject matter! We get into the history of the DOT, Mayor Pete's record, Norman Mineta's missing 9/11 commission testimony, Marjorie Taylor Greene, AOC Derangement Syndrome a new installment of Armie Watch, and more!

Plus: Kyle does his longest Trump impression ever, and the quality does not stay consistent!

00:55:40 2/7/2021
A Chicken in Every Pod


That's the sound of money, baby, because this week your best gal and fella are talking about Wall Street –– where did it come from? What does it do? Where is it going? We also sink our little teeth into the recent GameStop / Robinhood controversy, and put newly inaugurated President Lucia up to her first major task.

Plus: new release schedule and artwork!

01:20:05 1/31/2021
A Chicken in Every Pod

Folks, we're talkin' 'naug'!

Joe Biden has officially been sworn in as president and the news is otherwise a little slow, so we're taking a moment to have a (relatively) lighter, (theoretically) funner episode and talk about the history of presidential inaugurations and enjoyable trivia thereof. Because there's not really a lot to that, we also have a true crime corner and discuss Trump's last-minute executions, we get into the psychology of Biden's place in the Democratic Party, and tease a discussion that we never actually get to (this time!).

Also Lucia's the president now.

01:18:25 1/24/2021
A Chicken in Every Pod

Hey friends! It's been a minute!

Coming in hot off a(n imo) richly deserved winter break, your favorite podcasting couple is back to talk about all the, uhhh, stuff that's happened! We talk the Georgia runoffs, we talk Armie Hammer's DMs, and, most importantly, we talk President Trump's second impeachment and the 25th amendment. Tune in to hear all of this and more, including our exploration of TikTok's hottest new trend!

01:42:51 1/13/2021

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