Welcome to my brand new podcast, The Royal Pod! Every single Monday & Wednesday I, Rican King, will be coming at you with some great chats about life, sex, relationships, creepy ghost stories, interviews with music artist, life experiences, and more to come. So LETS GET THIS SHIT started with episode number one!!! Its all about my coming out story. Yes if your wondering its about me coming out to my friends, and family DAMM that's crazy!! I Hope you enjoy this episode. PS- Thank You so much for taking the time to listen to The Royal Pod!!!! if you liked this episode please make sure you subscribe on iTunes, Google play and leave reviews. You can also listen to The Royal Pod on soundcloud and spotify, Just search The Royal Pod or my name Rican King. Thank You for listening enjoy now!!:):)

The Royal Pod
00:18:11 9/9/2019

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