Here's an intro on what you can expect to find on It's Confidential. Stay tuned for more episodes.

It's Confidential Podcast
00:03:26 11/11/2019

Past Episodes

It's Confidential Podcast
In this episode my friend Feven joins me to talk about her experiences with systemic racism, her views on cultural appropriation, struggles that black people, especially women, go through, and much more! Hope you enjoy :)!
01:30:11 12/19/2019
It's Confidential Podcast
In this episode I dive into a conversation with Annie Vanrivong, founder of Wolf and Rebel, and part of the Runaway Expedition team. Annie has been a business woman since she was 17 years old and has always inspired me. She talks about her experiences travelling Canada on the school bus that she and her husband converted into a tiny home, along with raising kids and homeschooling them. She also talks about her businesses and her goals for the future. I hope you enjoy this one!
00:01:20 12/15/2019
It's Confidential Podcast
Brooke Gursoy joins me in this episode to talk about launching her first business, Industry Dance Co. along with balancing work and personal life, owning a company, finding time for herself, and lots of other stuff! I had so much fun recording this episode, be sure to pop into one of Industry's drop in dance classes. :)
01:24:06 12/6/2019
It's Confidential Podcast
Hey, thanks for tuning in to the third episode of It's Confidential. This one's all about my take on the self-care craze that's been going on for a while now! Hope you enjoy listening. P.S. I know this is pretty short but quality over quantity right???? haha!
00:07:21 11/18/2019
It's Confidential Podcast
This episode is all about my experience with diets and how the power of taking action NOW rather than pushing it until Monday can make a huge difference! I talk about how I lost 198 pounds and what I think of some trendy diets right now. Enjoy!
00:26:04 11/12/2019

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