28: 'Nyoo Underwear' Making Real Gs move in Silence Like Lasagna

Shawnell Riggins is a healthcare professional, CEO + founder of @thebrandnyoo, and a total #girlboss 🙌🏽 After years of unsuccessfully searching for the perfect pair of underwear, Shawnell decided to mesh her love for fashion and healthcare to create her own sustainable, all-natural fiber, underwear brand. Nyoo caters to women of all shapes, sizes, and colors with the mission to provide everyday girls their everyday underwear. Join us today to hear Shawnell's journey on how she went from inception to launch and what we can expect from Nyoo in the future 🤍

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Visit www.nyoounderwear.com and enter code "PBSD" for 20% off at checkout ❤️

Plan B is a Sugar Daddy
00:48:05 5/19/2021

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Plan B is a Sugar Daddy

Miss Alexa Jay (@FlexyLexxxy) is a TikTok QUEEN who graced the PBSD pod with an interview this week. We organically found Flex on TikTok through her innovative approach to capturing a dream company's attention with her digital resume. This is a must listen to help set apart your next job application! Alexa walks us through her experiences as a newer LA resident following her passions and navigating new influential fame.

Find Alexa Jay on Tiktok: @FlexyLexxxy & IG: @AlexaaaMccoy

01:08:02 8/25/2021
Plan B is a Sugar Daddy

Today we have the one and only badass businesswoman, vintage curator, and dominatrix @Nicholekatsikas on the show 🖤 Nichole's Instagram bio says it best, not only is she a vintage curator through @shoplamayy and @adorned.collective, which is newly located on the corner of Abbot Kinney and Westminster in Venice, CA (shout out to the best vintage collective on the west side) but she's also a provocateur of shameless sexploration. We want to thank Nichole for coming on the show and sharing her amazing story with us. We both learned so much from this conversation and We know you all will too! Time to head over to @apple & @spotify podcasts to strap in for this wildly twist and turned episode that is going to leave you begging for more 🌶

01:18:14 8/19/2021
Plan B is a Sugar Daddy

Today is the day you have been patiently waiting for! We are walking you through ALL Fall 2021 must have trend & staple items 😎
Get out your notebooks & gel pens and get ready to take some serious fashion notes 📝

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00:49:21 8/4/2021
Plan B is a Sugar Daddy

Summer season begs one question - which swimsuit trend are you rocking?! This week we discuss the new trend we're seeing all over IG: bikini's with matching gloves. Imagine ✨Emrata meets Kylie Jenner meets Paris Hilton✨. Catch us as the next pool party rocking this trend (jk). But really, we are here for this vacay look! We then debate the never ending questions, which social platform is the HOTEST and trying to figure out the algorithms. Are you using IG reels? Don't miss our Daddy's - WHERE is Donda?!

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00:55:05 7/28/2021
Plan B is a Sugar Daddy

We haven't seen each other in a hot minute so we had a much-needed life update! The first part of this ep eventually led us to wonder if there are PR companies for podcasts? Is this a thing? @unitedtalent we're here and hungry 👀
Next, we get into the topic of small brands getting earned media exposure and what that means thanks to @alexandramondalek.
Lastly, we have a full Miami Swim Week recap where Rach spills on what the top buyers of the country are wearing and what the must-have items these tastemakers of fashion are curating for us next season 🤩 Before we reveal our daddy's, we throw in a little self-care tip that we are both trying out! What is your go-to personal life hack at the moment?! 🥰

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01:00:40 7/22/2021
Plan B is a Sugar Daddy

Gossip girl aired LAST week and our excitement level for the premiere episode is next level. Nostalgia and fashion is truly the best combo 🤍 We also dissect Kim K's fashion post-Kanye and give our 2 cents on IRL Cannes and runway fashion! It's a goodie that you won't want to miss!

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00:53:50 7/15/2021
Plan B is a Sugar Daddy

This week we are reliving fashion archives… work through The Devil Wears Prada quotes with us that hit too close to home. Don't miss our fav intern story! We discuss the all-new digital fashion, @dressx , and try to get a handle on the innovative market. Lastly, our daddies will have you feeling proud as can be!

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00:52:02 7/8/2021
Plan B is a Sugar Daddy

Busy summer schedules are at full force and influencers are back to "normal" at #alohouse & #revolvearoundtheworld but the only thing we seem to have FOMO about is staying home 🤷🏽‍♀️ Don't worry though, we love consuming the fashion that events and travel are bringing back and couldn't help but drool over @haileybieber looks in Paris and can't wait to see @skims in Tokyo. It also wouldn't be a solo episode without us talking more about ongoing summer trends and what we are taking and leaving going into the latter half of hot girl summer. Listen until the end because our daddy's this week served looks and are both female ICONS.

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00:53:05 6/30/2021
Plan B is a Sugar Daddy

Today we have our good friend and founder of Elette, Henriette Gogstad on the podcast. Henriette was born and raised in Norway before moving to sunny Los Angeles to attend FIDM. While at FIDM, she found herself surrounded by passionate and motivated women who later contributed to the birth of Elette. An online platform and offline health and lifestyle community created for women by women. Elette aims to better your physical, mental, and external health with workouts, life coaches and licensed skin professionals. Elette is everything your mind, body, and soul needs wrapped up into one empowering community. Henriette gets raw and real with us about mental health and the ups and downs of building her future wellness empire. We think you all will relate to some part of her story and hope you find as much value in this episode as we did. With that let's get to know the fabulous Henriette Gogstad.

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00:57:44 6/23/2021
Plan B is a Sugar Daddy

The PBSD podcast editor is on the show today! Amisha is 17 and as Gen Z as they come. Her perspective on growing up with social media in 2 different countries is intense, but her love for Y2K fashion is what PBSD dreams (maybe nightmares) are made of 😎 Amisha is as cute as they come and the lingo she threw our way has us "vibing out" like we are 17 again. This episode is going to give you all kinds of fashion nostalgia and provide raw insight into what it is truly like growing up as a Gen Z'er. She answered all of our burning questions and we hope you enjoy this conversation as much we did 🦋

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01:05:51 6/17/2021

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