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LaunchpadDM becomes LaunchpadOne

Things will be looking a little different around here. LaunchpadDM has been rebranded and redesigned as LaunchpadOne to bring you cleaner, enhanced podcast hosting with brand new tools and features.

What's new?

The LaunchpadOne website and CMS will look different but function the same, with the addition of some helpful new features to empower the podcaster, and enhance the user experience.

New Features:

  • Enhanced Reporting - The reporting dashboard will have improved visuals, additional information to compare episodes since release, and your data reorganized into sections for your convenience.

  • Donations - Podcasters will be able to connect a PayPal account and receive donations from listeners through LaunchpadOne. Terms and fees apply.

  • Customizable Players - Customize the colors on the embed players to match your site or branding, through the use of the customize tool in the CMS or CSS Style Sheets. Check out a quick How To guide on customizing your embed player here.

  • Apple Reviews - Input your Apple Podcasts directory link and have your reviews and ratings imported directly into your Launchpad dashboard.

  • Podcast Directory - Search through hundreds of podcasts and help a new audience discover your podcast in our new Podcast Directory.

  • Learning Center - Launchpad Learn is a new blog center available to everyone that will host articles and content around podcasting best practices, trends, and helpful instructions. New content will be posted consistently and provide insight from industry experts.

  • Custom hosting network - Collaborate with LaunchpadOne to develop a branded, white-labeled platform to host your own network of shows; a flexible solution for everyone from upstart podcast producers to enterprise-level companies.

If you have an existing podcast with Launchpad, the changes will not affect your show, with the exception that your landing page will now read launchpadone.com/podcast vs. launchpaddm.com/pd/podcast. Your RSS feed will remain live with the launchpaddm.com URL in addition to having a launchpadone.com URL, so you will not need to redirect any feeds unless you choose. You can also sign up to receive donations as soon as the site is live.

If you don't currently host with LaunchpadOne - whether you're new to podcasting or host your podcast elsewhere - check it out how to get started with LaunchpadOne here.

Coming Soon -

We are working on several more attractive features for podcasters as well, from paid subscriptions to vodcasting to audio editing tools. Keep an eye out as these exciting tools are rolled out and become available.


Questions? Email us at support@launchpadone.com.
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