Meet the Self Made Podcast Competition Finalists

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Meet The Self Made Competition Finalists

From over 150 submissions, LaunchpadOne has selected the top 5 podcasts to compete in the Self Made Podcast Competition! Between the number of plays received over a week-long period and the input from our panel of judges, these podcasts show creativity, quality, and promise as PodcastOne seeks the recipient of a contract and prize package worth $100K.

They will each have the opportunity to interview and chat with Barbara Schroeder, our competition mentor, creator of Netflix’s Evil Genius, and host of PodcastOne’s Bad Bad Thing, which was recently ranked Top 30 on the Apple Podcasts Charts. Following the interview, the finalists will submit a 0:30 audio promo and final episode that will be reviewed by our panel of judges and again tracked against number of listens.

The next download period begins September 20 – 27th; in the meantime, check out the podcast finalists and root for your favorite! 

Podcast: Knock Knock

Genre: True Crime

Host: Jason B. Jones / Lasting Media

Description: Knock Knock is a true crime podcast, hosted by Jason B. Jones, featuring real stories of the families and communities that have lived through the horror of an unsolved murder. Season 1 tells the story of Jason's grandmother, Betty Jones, who was murdered alongside her friend, Kathryn Crigler. In Season 2, we introduce another family that is desperately seeking answers to their loved one's cold case. Together we help tell their story, uncover the details of the crime, and seek justice for the life of the victim.

Listen Here:


Podcast: Prickly & Blooming

Genre: Society and Culture

Host: Jessie Browning

Description: Prickly and Blooming is a weekly conversational podcast hosted by Jessie Browning and brought to you by Lajoie Society. Jessie asks her guests: have you ever had a moment you thought, "this can't be my life," then what did you do about it? We take deep dive into personal narratives addressing subjects such as mental health, motherhood, divorce, sobriety, job loss, and physical health. New episodes every Wednesday.

Listen Here:

Podcast: Diaries of a Wedding Singer

Genre: Society and Culture

Hosts: Ali Butler and Susie Pepper

Description: We're twin sisters who have been singing in weddings for over a decade and have some funny, crazy and inappropriate stories to share from performing and beyond! We have some words of wisdom too for future brides and will be interviewing vendors in the wedding world for do's and don'ts for your big day!

Listen Here:


Podcast: At the Mic with Keith

Genre: Kids & Family

Host: Keith Malinak

Description: Everybody has a story and everybody is more interesting than they'll admit. Keith Malinak sits down with some people you may know and some people you should get to know for conversations about...them!

Listen Here:


Podcast: Deck the Hallmark

Genre: TV & Film

Host: Bran, Panda, & Dan

Description: Join Bran, Panda, and Dan as they attempt to watch and review Hallmark movies. Just 3 dudes…watching made-for-tv movies. What could go wrong?

Listen Here: 


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