Ken D Fosters' Voices of Courage Show is more than just another radio program! It will take you on a journey to find your courage, breakthrough your limits, and master your destiny. No kidding! Ken has brought together the most Courageous People on our Planet who will inspire greatness with you and change your life for the better. In fact, if you are a regular listener, you will soon see the unseeable, know the unknowable, and do the impossible. You Will: * Be Inspired * Be Courageous * Become Unstoppable * Create New Habits * Let Go of Disempowering Thinking * Live Fearlessly * Embrace Uncertainty * Be a Comeback Story


Voices Of Courage

083: The Courage to Adapt and Evolve

In today's episode, we discuss the epic journey from adolescence to adulthood in humans and other animals, and how small acts of kindness and being fully present can change the world. We explore:

- The epic journey from adolescence to adulthood in humans and other animals

- Why adolescents with the lowest social status sometimes take desperate measures

- Why adolescents engage in rebellious behavior and put themselves in risky situations

- How anxiety has become widespread among adolescents and what can be done

- Four life skills that every adolescent across species needs to go through to mature

- Why one of the most important gifts we can give someone is the gift of being fully present

- How even the smallest acts of kindness can change people's lives and lift them up


00:59:52 11/24/2019

Past Episodes

Voices Of Courage

In today's episode, we discuss connecting with ourselves and with others to impact our lives in a greater way. We explore:

- Specific skillsets for how to connect in the world, with ourselves and others in our lives

- The 4 connections, how we are all connected, and why every voice matters and has an impact

- Focusing on what connects us, what separates us, and opening ourselves to new perspectives

- The correct question everyone should ask themselves before they choose to start a business

- How to generate success by connecting with our dreams, with who we are, and with our purpose

- Building a business of lifestyle, financial freedom, and impact by leveraging our experiences


01:00:01 11/15/2019
Voices Of Courage

In today's episode, we discuss achieving exponential growth, creating financial abundance, and summoning newfound courage in every season of life. We explore:

- Raising our consciousness and wisdom in order to overcome the obstacles in our lives

- Creating a personal mission and determining the impact we want to make in the world

- Quieting our minds to become fully aware of the limiting beliefs that are holding us back

- Why anything can be made possible with the right 'game plan' and strategies in place

- How we can surround ourselves with the right environment and people to create success

- The most significant parallels between raising children and raising aging parents

- Why a "Self-Care Checklist" is essential for those of us that are caring for an aging parent

- How people can begin to heal after the profound traumatic loss of a loved one in their lives


01:00:01 11/10/2019
Voices Of Courage

In today's episode, we discuss health and wellness from an alternative point of view, including healing on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. We explore:

- Tapping into the healer within ourselves and awakening to a greater version of who we are

- What the Energy Codes are and how they can help us to awaken our spirit and heal our body

- How we can incorporate the principles and practices of The Energy Codes in our lives

- The role we play in creating our own lives and why our lives are a reflection of our energy

- Dispersal of energy and the life-changing benefits of coming into the core/Central Channel

- Living from the mind versus the essential self and how we can move beyond the mind to heal

- Why our lives are a reflection of how energy does or doesn't move freely through our system

- Becoming aware of the energetic patterns that show up in our business, relationships, and life


01:00:21 11/3/2019
Voices Of Courage

In today's episode, we discuss the courage to rejuvenate our brains and transform our consciousness. We explore:

- Becoming aware of our own thoughts and how they're actually impacting our lives

- Quantum physics and some of the techniques being used in the quantum field

- Cellular Neo-Genesis and creating an environment for the brain to regenerate cells in

- Regenerating brain cells to enhance memory, mental outlook, sleep, energy, and more

- Rapid, non-surgical improvement and recovery for those suffering from traumatic brain injuries

- Clearing the mind with high vibrational meditation, proper hydration, and uplifting activities

- Being more effective in businesses and organizations by having a clear "people strategy"

- Helping leaders become self-aware in order to create a safe and authentic work environment

- Taking care of matters within ourselves to make the greatest impact on the outside world

- Helping leaders and organizations face challenges with humility and transform misperceptions

- Identifying barriers to a team's effectiveness and establishing conscious objectives

- Assessing an organization's ecosystem to ensure that its systems and operations are aligned


00:59:44 10/27/2019
Voices Of Courage

In today's episode, we discuss creating positive environments in all areas of our lives so that we can thrive in ways we may have never thought possible. We explore:

- The two primary factors that hold us back from feeling good and being happy in life

- Why millennials are leaving companies and how to retain millennial employees

- How to secure growth with millennial employees, customers, and members of society

- Giving millennials a voice to increase retention rates and establish a millennial customer base

- How the efforts of true activists are being eclipsed by eco-corporations and financial gain

- What realistic environmentalism is and how we can all play our part to create positive change


01:03:02 10/20/2019
Voices Of Courage

In today's episode, we discuss the courage to become a hero. We explore:

- Letting go of what holds us back in life and changing how we show up in the world

- The importance of being open and receptive to change in order to evolve and grow

- Five common (and essential) qualities of someone that's a changemaker or 'hero'

- What Happy Science is, what it's major teachings are, and why it's growing rapidly

- Master Okawa's near-death experience in the Happy Science movie, "Immortal Hero"

- Finding true happiness inside ourselves and connecting to a higher consciousness


00:58:23 10/13/2019
Voices Of Courage

In today's episode, we discuss doing business with purpose and changing our habits from the inside out. We explore:

- Acknowledging our fears and what could possibly stop us from living our lives to the fullest

- Rethinking how and why we do business the way we do and thriving from a place of purpose

- How we can come to understand and live out our true purpose that God created for us

- Some of the common characteristics that people need in order to transform their lives

- Changing habits from the inside out and not relying on the typical one-size-fits-all approach

- Customizing a long-term eating plan to address health, weight loss, and food sensitivities

- Health issues and weight loss challenges that mature women face as they age

- Two things that hold most people back from sticking with dieting and other health goals

- How women can rev up their midlife metabolism and create a sustainable lifestyle

- Avoiding stop-start patterns and changing our mindset and belief system to live our best life


00:57:54 10/7/2019
Voices Of Courage

In today's episode, we discuss reinventing our lives and creating happiness from within. We explore:

- The three most important steps to take when setting a goal and how they all relate to courage

- How to reprogram our brains in order to awaken to the changes we need to make in our lives

- Why hypnosis can be very effective in bringing consciousness to our unconscious thoughts

- Finding our spiritual identity and purpose to help us understand who we truly are at our core

- How we can maximize our superpowers, bring out our inner genius, and reach our full potential

- Why resilience, perseverance, and vulnerability help us to live our lives better instead of bitter

- The importance of recognizing, confronting, and embracing our pain in order to heal successfully

- What we need to do in order to shift our energy, move forward in life, and create joy from within


00:58:38 10/2/2019
Voices Of Courage

In today's episode, we discuss finding the courage to reinvent ourselves, live intentionally, and have more beauty and confidence in our lives. We explore:

- How to find the courage to manifest our dreams and create a beautiful life for ourselves

- The critical difference between visiting an Esthetician and a "Master Esthetician"

- Understanding our skin-type, what affects it, and how to overcome various skin challenges

- What absolute necessities we should have in our home regimen for beautiful, healthy skin

- What someone can expect out of getting a facial and how they can help achieve skin goals

- The biggest mistakes that people make with their skin and tips and tricks to stay on track

- Clearing mindset blocks and limiting beliefs that can stop us from reaching our full potential

- Acknowledging pain from our past that's brought into the present and creating our reality

- Why so many people are unhappy and the first steps to making a positive change in our lives

- How we can use the power of intention to completely shift and reinvent ourselves


00:57:04 10/1/2019
Voices Of Courage

In today's episode, we discuss overcoming money issues and welcoming abundance into our lives. We explore:

- What true success looks like for different people and if money and happiness go hand in hand

- How to change our thinking and shift our energy on the abundance that surrounds us

- Happy money vs. unhappy money and the significance of our personal relationship with money

- How we can have more happy money, attract abundance, and cultivate gratitude for what we have

- The trouble that comes with having a scarcity mindset and how we can erase financial worries

- Why consciousness principles and proven business tools and strategies are the keys to success

- The importance of staying up-to-date with the latest technologies coming online in the world

- Why it's essential to get involved in more income-generating activities and leverage ourselves

- Embracing our learning experiences and mistakes and then transforming them into success

- What we need to know to overcome our money issues and transition from lack to abundance


00:56:32 10/1/2019
Voices Of Courage

In today's episode, we discuss the courage to uncover our personal power and tap into our inner beauty. We explore:

- How all areas of our lives can change dramatically when we have more courage

- The willingness to transcend the fears that hold us back and be more courageous

- The importance of expressing our truth and learning how to light our personal fire

- Learning how to have compassion and love for ourselves first and foremost

- Tuning into our inner guidance and applying the universal principles of success

- Embracing our inner beauty and learning how to step into our personal power

- How courage is the bridge to change and why discomfort is part of that journey


00:59:05 10/1/2019
Voices Of Courage

In today's episode, we discuss what it takes to translate your unique message into a book that impacts others. We explore:

- How a person can know if they have a book inside them waiting to be written and shared

- Learning how to find your voice and individual writing style as a brand new author

- The first step to developing a professional book and the process for writing a nonfiction book

- Preventing writer's block by creating and following a comprehensive and organized BookMAP

- How long a book should be and the amount of time it should take for an individual to write it

- Developing strategies for balanced goals and life plans and using perspective in daily life

- Why what you pour into your "glass" matters and how you can choose to manage your glass

- The importance of having a plan in place for how to take your book out to market as an author


00:55:01 8/27/2019
Voices Of Courage

In today's episode, we discuss what it takes to create a wealth mindset and multiple streams of income. We explore:

- The impact of building our lives on truth and wisdom versus information and fact

- Taking full responsibility for our decisions and practicing honest introspection

- How people get into the wealth mindset to start generating wealth for themselves

- Having the courage and dedication to create both internal and external wealth

- The importance of having a vision and a dream to build our wealth around

- Determining if we have what it truly takes to be wealthy regardless of circumstance

- The three fundamental pieces of knowledge everyone needs in order to succeed

- Why creating wealth is still possible even when starting from zero with no money

- The biggest obstacle that stands in the way of people creating wealth for themselves


00:55:55 8/19/2019
Voices Of Courage

In today's episode, we discuss how to shift into the most authentic and powerful version of ourselves. We explore:

- How to shift into high gear and become the best possible version of ourselves

- Going within to determine what we need to let go of and what needs to change

- Learning to not blame ourselves for the cards we're dealt and how to move forward

- Staying positive through pain, struggle, and both mental and physical challenges

- The importance of having goals and putting all of our energy into accomplishing them

- Changing our thinking about the challenges that we face and facing them objectively

- The mere-exposure effect and how it can be used to gain confidence and overcome fears

- Modulating between comfort and discomfort to convert fearful feelings into excitement

- Why courage is about being fearful and still moving forward rather than trying to be fearless

- 3 behavioral expressions of courage and how we can use them to become more courageous


00:57:32 8/4/2019

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