The podcast tackles hot topics in the culture, but is not limited to that. The host (Vis Swoops) and co-hosts (Randy Sav & Dot G) speak from their own expertise and experience. All the while breaking down an array of topics from Hip Hop, growing up in the struggle down to mental health.


The Jungle Report

Ep 09- Simpin on your Pimpin'

The crew remembers pays respects to the late hip hop artist Black Rob. Also the crew cut through the nonsense and give their respective takes on the Kevin Samuels and Joe Budden link up. The fellas speak on relationships, wants and needs with both men and women. Also the Vis Swoops's experience on clouthouse. We may lose some listeners after this, but it is okay. We will be back next week. Intro Song: Whoa - Black Rob Closing song: Croccodile teeth - Skillibeng Follow the crew: @gso_dot_g @randy.savv @visswoops_gso LIKE|COMMENT|SUBSCRIBE
02:06:31 4/20/2021

Past Episodes

The Jungle Report
The crew remembers and say their good byes and thank yous to Earl Simmons his DMX. Also the topic of what a hip hop union should look like as well. Positive thoughts and energy to Black Rob & Biz Markie. Also the gang covers hot topics in sports and give some wisdom to the youth. LIKE|COMMENT|SUBSCRIBE Intro Song: Prayer 1 & Let Me Fly- DMX Closing song: Dogs for Life - DMX Follow the crew: @gso_dot_g @randy.savv @visswoops_gso
02:01:15 4/13/2021
The Jungle Report
The crew covers hot topics in the culture. First and foremost prayers for DMX and his family. The fellas take a deep dive into what DMX meant for their generation of hip-hop. In addition to the one year anniversary of Nipsey Hussle's untimely passing. The Kevin Durant and Michael Rappaport debacle goes left quickly. Also covering sports and political prisoner Romaine "Chip" Fitzgerald. LIKE|COMMENT|SUBSCRIBE Intro Song: 4,3,2,1 (DMX Verse) -LL Cool J ft Method Man, Redman, DMX, Cannibus Closing song Victory Lap - Nipsey Hussle Follow the crew: @gso_dot_g @randy.savv @visswoops_gso
01:22:02 4/8/2021
The Jungle Report
The crew is takes a deep dive into some serious topics. Starting with the controversial LNX video circulating. Breaking down the viral video with Quavo and Saweetie incident. Also going into the legalization of marijuana making New York State. Attacking the issues from different perspectives. LIKE|COMMENT|SUBSCRIBE Intro Song: Take it there - Jew Gleece Closing Song: Street Runner - Rod Wave Follow the crew: @gso_dot_g @randy.savv @visswoops_gso
01:54:50 4/1/2021
The Jungle Report
The crew is back after a trip to Miami and have a lot to cover. Is Quavo right? How about who is the best of the fat Macks in music. And then APs and Richard Millies we know where y'all getting them from and they ain't real. The crew takes a deep dive into the CAP Olympics in hip hop and social media. LIKE|COMMENT|SUBSCRIBE Intro Song: A Monster Made It - Jim Jones x The Heatmakerz Closing Song: I''m a Thug - Trick Daddy Follow the crew: @gso_dot_g @randy.savv @visswoops_gso
00:52:59 3/22/2021
The Jungle Report
Dot G is BACK!!! The fellas take a deep dive in some serious topics from politics, humanity and approaching 30 in the next coming years. Also it would not be the JRP without a few jokes and laughs. The fellas also clarify some misinformation in the prior episode as well. We are not a political podcast we just speak from our own experiences and outlooks on life. The crew also big up black and latin excellence the creative world. Shoutout to the JBP, Drink Champs, Million Dollaz Worth of Game and al the other creatives from the black and latin community. LIKE|COMMENT|SUBSCRIBE Intro Song: Ice Cream for the Block - YearofJordn x BroGawd Closing Song: Bloody Money - CNN (Capone-N-Noreaga) Follow the crew: @gso_dot_g @randy.savv @visswoops_gso
01:12:20 3/10/2021
The Jungle Report

Bobby Shmurda is released after a long 7 year bid. The fellas cover what it is to be a true friend and honor. Giving their own testimonies of friendship that spans over a decade plus. Also the guys talk about G-Unit their run and what their favorite G-Unit songs were at their height. Not to mention Swoops fiasco with misusing alcohol wipes. Check in the Jungle Report every week. You never know what bizzare topics will pop up. 

Opening song:

Ghetto Quran  - 50 Cent

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@randy.sav/ @randy.savvv


02:06:08 3/1/2021
The Jungle Report

The fellas pilot episode happens on Valentine's Day weekend as they talk about side chicks, relationship life, new music and first dates. They also cover new music and what to do when your card gets pulled. "Simple assault thats a $500 bond!!" This is the pilot of more to bizarre conversations to come with the gang. Check in with the Jungle Report Podcast. 

Opening Song: Gang Signs (Featuring School Boy Q) - Freddie Gibbs 

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01:23:27 3/1/2021

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