Some Guy & DK Murphy talk about all things Sex, Taboo & Doom related All this well drinking and catching up on our own lives


Some Town Drunks


Sorry about no music (was suppose to be added in post) was suppose to be "Desire" by Meg Myers. Especially the lines "I gotta bring you to my hell Baby, I wanna fuck you, I wanna feel you in my bones Boy, I'm gonna love you I'm gonna tear into your soul" We talk about what the word DESIRE means to us and how that effects/ed our lives.
00:23:48 5/15/2022

Past Episodes

Some Town Drunks
We talk about Milfs and then DK has a shocking announcement to share !_!
00:31:30 5/7/2022
Some Town Drunks
SG & Dk get together again. This time we talk about Dk's latest relationship and how they may add a third or more to it. That and more from your favorite Taboo breaking podcast
00:24:00 4/25/2022
Some Town Drunks
SG & Dk get together again to talk more about the kink culture. Since the last episode we got a few comments on the subject, so we decided to go a bit deeper.
00:32:55 3/19/2022
Some Town Drunks
Dk decides to tell us what has been bothering him for the past few weeks. Then we talk about a real taboo sexual situation that we've both been apart of. All this w/ special guest DICK Powers !_!
00:49:49 3/11/2022
Some Town Drunks
SG & DK talk about a couple of their past relationship that didn't workout and the stories behind them. We discuss the latest update on porn star Jenni Lee's current life We end it all w/ the 7 deadly sins drinking game and get some funny stories out of that
00:46:53 3/2/2022
Some Town Drunks
To end the year SG & Murphy do a quick podcast, we ask ourselves, How is sex for you? Are you a giver? What's your killer technique or trademark move? Do you talk to your partner during/after sex? During sex what's your favorite of the 5 senses to use? All that and more on this episode
00:26:35 1/6/2022
Some Town Drunks
Well getting together before the holidays, SG & DK get w/ Dick Sassy to talk about growing up in the 90's and try to play a new drinking game called 7 Deadly Sins
00:38:26 12/24/2021
Some Town Drunks
On our latest episode we go over DK's unexpected 4 way and SG's step sibling's story. Then we talk about Edging.
00:19:45 12/9/2021
Some Town Drunks
Some Guy & DK Murphy talking about the many different types of cheating in a relationship. Some bad, but the rest are great or funny...
00:39:03 11/15/2021
Some Town Drunks
Starring Some Guy and DK Murphy. On our test episode, we go over Dk's recent relationship problems. Then Dick Sassy adds himself into the talk, and we end it all talking about our favorite pornstars and genres And that's just our 1st episode Follow for more soon !_!
00:48:10 11/4/2021

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