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Some Town Drunks

DK Murphy is a Muslim

SG & DK get together before the new year and discuss Murphy's recent change in religion and how that's working out for him. Be back again next year !_!
00:37:44 12/29/2022

Past Episodes

Some Town Drunks
DK & SG get together before the holidays and quickly put together a no focus random episode that we started off by taking about our parents relationships, some ghost talk & random movie/tv talk. --- Then we finally get our shit together and turn the episode into an indepth talk about our perfect type of hook ups. DK's were done online well SG's were done in person. DK tells a funny story about dating a friend of ours' niece and SG tells a story about his perfect date that included cocaine, a public blow job & dancing.
00:47:03 12/20/2022
Some Town Drunks
We're back w/ another interview. This time we talk w/ another of Dk's friends named "Tiny Danger" to talk about her experiences as a little. We go over her kink experiences and go a bit in depth about her life, both the good & the bad. Give Tiny Danger a follow by visiting her blog @ to read/hear more about her life
01:08:47 12/3/2022
Some Town Drunks
We catch up w/ all you great listeners out there. DK opens up about his recent change in religion and how that is making him a better person. He then does a public service announcement about priapism. From there we go on a tangent about some of our favorite authors, books, tv shows, movie & porn stars. We end it all w/ our taboo version of Marry, Fuck, Kill w/ special guest Psycho Draven.
00:59:12 11/14/2022
Some Town Drunks
Back @ it again, DK & SG get together w/ Draven & Stoner Timmy to talk about our First time, Worst & Best sexual experiences. Of course DK has the nastiest stories that you'll wish weren't true, SGs are just funny and what you'd expect, but special guest Draven and Timmy have some great stories that are just as crazy. Plus we all tell some extra stories in between. All this and more on the latest StD !_!
00:43:33 10/10/2022
Some Town Drunks
Of all the episodes we've done, we finally decided to cover Sexual Transmitted Diseases. We go over how we never had any, even w/ our experiences. Then DK has to leave early again. So SG brings Draven and Sassy into the mix and we turn it into an SGR/Dicks Power Hour podcast.
01:10:48 9/26/2022
Some Town Drunks
We decided to invite the rest of the Dudes on this StD, we started by talking about cults and the type of people that join them. Quickly it goes in every direction, we talk about the new "League of Their Own", Cucks, Party & Play and some crazy work related sex stories. Then DK Murphy has to go and the rest of us continue the conversation. SG goes more in depth about his cult and why he started it. We then wrap it up talking about our upcoming Prestige Film Festival and all that entails.
01:02:07 9/2/2022
Some Town Drunks
After being away for awhile, DK & SG give you a full hour to make up for it. DK mentions his latest relationship and the trust issues that come w/ it. We talk about when females sleep over after hanging/seeing their ex. We recommend some taboo documentaries/movies to watch, go deep on our thoughts about abusive people that groom others. Then we wrap it all up w/ a film and song suggestion. Send any & all questions or suggestions to or
01:15:53 8/14/2022
Some Town Drunks
On our latest episode DK & SG discuss Death and how it has effected us in the past and present. DK goes more in depth about his recent loss of a young friend. Then Dick Powers jumps in the conversation to discuss how he's dealing w/ the future loss of his mother who is currently in the hospital w/ cancer. We then wrap it w/ a deep conversation on life/death.
01:04:29 7/14/2022
Some Town Drunks
Moon returns to the Crew Network to talk to the StD guys about her sex and kink lifestyle. We go over her experiences from her teen years to the present. This is a great episode for all you ladies as we mainly focus on the female side of sex. Then we wrap it all up w/ the card game 7 Deadly Sins. Which brings up some crazy stories.
01:18:30 7/6/2022
Some Town Drunks
SG & DK get together to go over our thoughts on school shootings (which is kinda of a companion episode to an SGR that can be found here It takes us awhile but we make some great points if you hang in w/ us
01:13:00 6/26/2022

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