Every episode I (Some Guy) quickly rant on a random topic or subject that recently has caught my attention.


Some Guy Rants

Drinking too much, again !_!

What started as a episode of me venting about all the latest shit in my life, slowly turned into an episode about how much I need to step up to better it myself. It's always easy to blame others for things, but when you take responsibility for it; you realize how much easier it is to change it all for the better.
00:49:02 9/23/2022

Past Episodes

Some Guy Rants
00:51:50 9/14/2022
Some Guy Rants
Another late night episode recorded outside in my backyard ( sorry for the extra noises in the background) I go over my thoughts on the reception and a lil bit of what happened, but really I just go over the lessons I learned from him. Hopefully you all have someone that you feel about and can be open w/ like I was w/ my brother. Peace Love and Motorcycle Grease !_! (As he would always end our text) Love you Steve Miss/Thinking of You Always and forever
00:30:35 9/1/2022
Some Guy Rants
My latest w/ me. Was suppose to go over the new Crewnetwork.net episodes I'm on, instead I just started talking about everything going on in my lil world. Somehow the talk goes into parenting, the future of my kids and my goals for me. Don't know how that happened but that's what came up on this latest rant. Thanks for listening !_!
00:51:46 8/18/2022
Some Guy Rants
A tribute episode to my brother Steve. He was everything an older brother should be and more. I will always love & miss him.
00:36:31 8/5/2022
Some Guy Rants
I get into the more exciting part of my life, 14 to 18 yrs old. I start by talking about my freshmen year of sports and honor roll, then get into the beginning of my drinking and partying life. Go a lil into my first real job and all the clubs, shows & concerts I was able to experience from having a check. Then end it all w/ a tease of part 2 where I talk more about leaving my parents house @ 15 to stay w/ friends & family. The beginning of my drug use and what that lead to. Pt 2 coming soon !_!
01:08:14 7/27/2022
Some Guy Rants
Till I have the time to record the next in the Age Gap series, I figured I'd drop a quick update on what's up w/ me & my family plus what's next for theCrewnetwork.net . Me and DK will try to drop another StD episode soon. For now, I go over the latest in fan emails/comments from my last episode and mention the new countries that are listening. Shout-out to the new ones from Dublin making the top 5 !_!
00:30:53 7/22/2022
Some Guy Rants
Well @ a house warming party for a friend I met a well educated lady that had some strong beliefs. She was a Psychology major (minor in Theology) that believed in Antinatalism- "we shouldn't procreate because it's morally wrong". What I initially thought was a crazy idea became a multiple hour conversation between us that was one of the most intriguing talks I've had in years. Figured I share some of it w/ all you listeners as well. Thanks for listening, more SGRs coming soon; including the next in the Age Gap series !_!
00:49:34 7/9/2022
Some Guy Rants
I finally did it. I recorded my first episode in the Age Gap series, where I break my life down in key moments by age. On this first episode I talk about my pre-teens age 10 to 13. You'll hear about how I became agnostic & lost my virginity by 12 (it was a big year). I also realize well discussing this how much of my life was impacted by these years. Next episode in the series will be 14-18 (aka High School) it gets crazier, that's for sure.
01:08:50 6/30/2022
Some Guy Rants
With DK starting his new job, I'm free to record some more episodes. I'm going to try to do at least 1 a week. So up first is my latest w/ a female coworker that let me know she wants to hook up after she told me she plans on divorcing her husband.
00:51:56 6/23/2022
Some Guy Rants
What started as a podcast about getting older turned into a rant about the meaning of the great song "Debaser" by The Pixies. I breakdown the meaning behind it and what that meant to me as a young anarchist punk kid in my teens. I also give some tips to ruin businesses and major corporations that me and some family use to do as kids, then somehow wrap it up w/ a moral lesson.
00:40:30 6/17/2022

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