Every episode I (Some Guy) quickly rant on a random topic or subject that recently has caught my attention.


Some Guy Rants

My Latest Issues

What started as a rant about my latest w/ my in-laws goes on about my latest street fight, then takes multiple turns into various other topics. Looks like the podcast is back on track !_!
01:07:47 5/18/2022

Past Episodes

Some Guy Rants
This episode should've come out before the episode titled "Another Perfect Accident" from February. Don't know why I thought it wasn't good enough but here it is. I go over my dealings w/ Anxiety and how it effects(ed) me in my life and the few ways I've dealt w/ it. Hope it helps someone else w/ their's
00:33:58 5/18/2022
Some Guy Rants
Been a while !_! Sorry but nothing of importance has happened to me as of late. I give a movie recommendation and go from there
00:28:40 4/29/2022
Some Guy Rants
Right after seeing Big Jay Oakerson live. Bux, Dick Power & I reflect on many different aspects of our lives. Including a story I learn about myself from The Dudes.
01:35:55 4/6/2022
Some Guy Rants
After recording the last of the Booze & The Dudes ever; I'm excited to do another update. (Sorry for the background noise of me & my dog playing fetch)
00:16:51 3/25/2022
Some Guy Rants
After doing a Booze and the dudes & 2 StD episodes, I got inspired to record after having a conversation w/ the wife of Shiesty.
00:21:02 3/19/2022
Some Guy Rants
Going over the latest w/ this podcast and my other one (Some Town Drunks). I talk about my reluctance in dropping the Age Gaps and what I need to do to get over it. Also I go over the latest StD episode and the taboo subject of extreme fantasies/fetish. Thanks again for listening
00:11:21 3/11/2022
Some Guy Rants
SG and Bux talk about Valentine's Day and what it means to married men like us compared to when we were single. Then we talk about what's wrong w/ women, and if we could do it all over again what we'd do different. Then we wrap it up w/ positivity in the last mins.
01:02:10 2/14/2022
Some Guy Rants
SG sits down with his best buds Bux and Sassy. We start talking about this and that, then focus on each other and by accident put out a great personal episode.
00:51:10 2/8/2022
Some Guy Rants
Another fly on the wall style episode, drunk and hanging w/ your brothers can do this to ya. For all those asking to hear how we talk shit and crack jokes around each other, this is it !_!
00:59:00 1/6/2022
Some Guy Rants
A pass due episode about a conversation between me & the Wifey. Hopefully all you out there are able to have open conversations w/ your significant other.
00:19:12 1/6/2022

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