Every episode I (Some Guy) quickly rant on a random topic or subject that recently has caught my attention.


Some Guy Rants

Difference between sluts & whores

What started as an episode on seeing some of my exes in person after 8+ years, turned into another mindless rant on this and that. One lesson out of it all. Appreciate the moments you share w/ another, you may see them again years down the line and hopefully their in a better place now; just like you should be too
00:40:00 7/15/2021

Past Episodes

Some Guy Rants
I just got home from the Poirier vs. McGregor 3 fight. I talk about how awkward it is for me to go to group events, and how I feel/deal w/ them. I also go over how great my friends (The Dudes of B&D) are and how the night ended. I also go over how drinking/drugs can help this anxiety and how I/you should look @ it in the long run.
00:55:22 7/11/2021
Some Guy Rants
What started as a episode w/ no planned topic, turned into a 50 min rant about this and that. Eventually I find a point, which is... Have/Get a "friend" (family member, lover, coworker or whatever) that you can talk to about anything that you think/worry about. It really helps a lot
00:50:03 7/8/2021
Some Guy Rants
I read some of the fan email I've been getting since I put up my email address (Jz2002182@gmail.com) I skip the compliments, and go over the criticism. Which was very funny, keep them coming. I'm just excited you all are listening thanks again !_!
00:42:30 7/3/2021
Some Guy Rants
Sorry for being gone the last couple weeks ! My dog of 13 years was put down the day before my birthday. Then on my b-day I started work after my 3 months of baby bonding. Also I give thanks to all of you (listeners) out there in the world. Email me @ Jz2002182@gmail.com w/ any and all questions/statements/ideas you have, I'll do my best to respond to all of them crazy or not. Thanks again for listening. I'll try to put out 3 this week to make up for the last 2 weeks w/o
00:43:06 6/23/2021
Some Guy Rants
Hanging out w/ The Dudes. If you think we talk over each other on the Booze & The Dudes podcast. This is how we normally are whenever we're together. Another fly on the wall recording
00:00:00 6/6/2021
Some Guy Rants
Recorded in my backyard, right after hanging w/ the Booze and Dudes I ask myself some random personal questions I found online. 1- Anyone in the world, who would you have dinner with? 2- What's a "perfect" day for you? * Easiest to answer 3- What do you feel most grateful for? 4- If you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be? 5 - Is there anyone who's changed your life but doesn't know it? 6- When was the last time you felt most yourself? 7- Is there a feeling you miss? 8- How do you feel about your relationship with your mother?
00:33:37 5/29/2021
Some Guy Rants
I quickly go over a episode I tried to record days before that was plagued w/ interruptions. Big Shout out to whoever is listening out of Frankfurt am Main, Germany
00:13:46 5/25/2021
Some Guy Rants
This episode happened by accident. I heard a story from a couple I know about a guy who lost his job recently. After that I mention my thoughts on cancel culture.
00:16:57 5/16/2021
Some Guy Rants
I indulge and think about the current events going on in the world and how it could easily end up happening in the U.S. of A.
00:15:44 5/13/2021
Some Guy Rants
I just found out about Asian, Pacific Islander heritage awareness thingamajig. So I decided it was a good start to go over some of my personal favorite films/movies on streaming services. I go over Netflix, Amazon, Hulu & Hbomax 's selection of Asian Pacific Islanders that I recommend watching. Netflix- Lowest selection anywhere ENTER THE DRAGON - Bruce Lee, yeah that guy. Comedians- Jo Koy - Funny Ali Wong - Aggressive AMAZON- not a lot of good ones FIST OF FURY - Bruce Lee again, least talked about but still good BETTER LUCK TOMORROW - Personal Bias, I remember liking this flick when it came out THE HANDMAIDEN - Latest film from the great Park Chan-Wook (look up all his films, there all great) Hulu- Surprised me w/ their selection CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON- Visually stunning (after this check out HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS) MOTHER- Critically acclaimed film PARASITE - Korean film Oscar winner AKIRA - Classic Anime I SAW THE DEVIL - For those that love Thrillers ONG BAK - Thai Kickboxer that fucks guys up Creators- STEP UP 2 - You like the art of dance? Watch this TASTE THE NATION w Padma Lakshmi Great food show Anime - COWBOY BEBOP - Cowboys & Jazz SAMURAI CHAMPLOO - Samurai & Hip Hop INUYASHA - Great Anime for all; Boys, Girls and Furries "CLASSIC" SAILOR MOON - Season 2 is perfect THE GREAT... Park Chan-wook- SYMPATHY FOR MR. VENGEANCE - Great revenge flick, you feel his pain LADY VENGEANCE - WOW Why can't we do that here in the U.S.? THIRST - Great Vampire Flick Hbomax - Best selection due to their large amount of films in multiple hubs LIFE OF PI - Great fantasy film HOUSE - Cult Classic UGETSU - Beautiful folklore film ZACK SNYDER'S JUSTICE LEAGUE - Totally different movie 4+ hours fly by MORTAL KOMBAT LEGACY - For those that want the back stories of the characters RUMBLE IN THE BRONX - Jackie Chan in his Heyday HERO - Jet Li in a epic film about warriors of the past Creators- THIS IS LIFE WITH LISA LING - Brilliant Journalism on various taboo and social subjects FILM AT ITS PERFECTION- Akira Kurosawa 7 SAMURAI - Start here RASHOMON - Great POV Film IKIRU - Personal favorite film of his Anime - Studio Ghibli has a Hub full of their films but HAYAYAO MIYAZAKI'S stand out - MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO , HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE , PRINCESS MONONOKE, WHISPER OF THE HEART, SPIRTED AWAY , just to name a few
00:24:10 5/6/2021

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