I (Some Guy) rant on a random topic or subject that recently has caught my attention. From time to time I dive deep into my past and try to learn a lesson from my mistakes, fails & successes


Some Guy Rants

New Year, new episode

I start off talking about another work issue w/ a female. Then flip the switch and talk about the positives. Then go on about many randoms thoughts (recent movies, tv shows I watch w/ the wifey, making yourself a victim) and wrap it all up by talking about my plans for the new year ahead. Lastly I give a lil tease of some of the upcoming age gap episodes. Which will probably be multiple parts too. Thanks again for listening !_!
00:46:41 1/10/2023

Past Episodes

Some Guy Rants
On this episode I go over some recent news I heard about some ex co-workers. Karma strikes again. I then go over some past issues I had w/ said co-workers and how they were handled. Next I go over things I have heard about myself from new people that don't know me well and get a life lesson out of it This is another quickie episode to hold you all over before the holidays. P.S. I mention Satoshi Kon and some of his films If you're interested check out my buddies Taylor Ramos & Tony Zhou's (creators of "Voir" on Netflix) old YouTube page "Every Frame a Painting" for a compelling video essay on Kon and his work here https://youtu.be/oz49vQwSoTE
00:35:11 12/19/2022
Some Guy Rants
Hey everybody, what started as a quick update on why I haven't posted any episode in over a month, turns into a full episode. I talk about my kid's latest (birthday, potty training, etc) and how my lil man is tripping people out more & more. Then go off on a tangent like usual. Thanks for listening, till next time take care of you & yours !_!
00:40:47 12/12/2022
Some Guy Rants
For Halloween I decided to go over the scariest moments of my life. I start w/ some of the things I've had to deal w/ in past relationships that looking back are actually scarier now (knowing how my life would've ended up) than they were back then. Then in the end I add some other scary stories/ situations (mainly fights) I dealt w/ that had involved some friends of mine. Thanks again for listening, send any & all questions to y2j002@msn.com and I'll go over them personal.
00:57:30 10/31/2022
Some Guy Rants
I found some time to drop another episode and catch up w/ all you great peeps out there !_! So I'm excited about a new show from one of my fav directors Nicholas Winding Refn called "Copenhagen Cowboy" coming to Netflix in December. With that in mind I decided to finally finish his last series "Too Old To Die Young" on Amazon. Well not for everyone (obviously my taste are eclectic) it's a really great series that covers a lot. I also go over some of his earlier films and a few other movies in that style of surrealism and visual art (watch this clip on the film "Drive" to see what I mean https://youtu.be/wsI8UES59TM , also follow my old internet pal's earlier work here https://youtube.com/c/everyframeapainting ) Then I end it w/ a lil preview of the next episode (hopefully out by Halloween)
00:36:03 10/28/2022
Some Guy Rants
Hey everybody, I'm back !_! I go over the reasons for my absence then go on a true rant about this & that. Subjects include my lack of motivation, upcoming STD topics, UFC, Boxing, watching movies w/ my lil kids and a few other things. So looks like I'm back. Thanks again for listening till next time, take care !_!
00:48:11 10/21/2022
Some Guy Rants
What started as a episode of me venting about all the latest shit in my life, slowly turned into an episode about how much I need to step up to better it myself. It's always easy to blame others for things, but when you take responsibility for it; you realize how much easier it is to change it all for the better.
00:49:02 9/23/2022
Some Guy Rants
I go more in depth about my fuck buddies/relationships from the past and what they really meant to me. I go real deep on the ones that were important or had a lasting effect on me. In the end I get emotional and realize where I need to put my focus/main attention, then go over how much I love my wife and family !_!
00:51:50 9/14/2022
Some Guy Rants
Another late night episode recorded outside in my backyard ( sorry for the extra noises in the background) I go over my thoughts on the reception and a lil bit of what happened, but really I just go over the lessons I learned from him. Hopefully you all have someone that you feel about and can be open w/ like I was w/ my brother. Peace Love and Motorcycle Grease !_! (As he would always end our text) Love you Steve Miss/Thinking of You Always and forever
00:30:35 9/1/2022
Some Guy Rants
My latest w/ me. Was suppose to go over the new Crewnetwork.net episodes I'm on, instead I just started talking about everything going on in my lil world. Somehow the talk goes into parenting, the future of my kids and my goals for me. Don't know how that happened but that's what came up on this latest rant. Thanks for listening !_!
00:51:46 8/18/2022
Some Guy Rants
A tribute episode to my brother Steve. He was everything an older brother should be and more. I will always love & miss him.
00:36:31 8/5/2022

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