Every episode I (Some Guy) quickly rant on a random topic or subject that recently has caught my attention.


Some Guy Rants

Therapy session w/ Bux & DK Murphy

What started as another One on One w/ Bux, turned into a group therapy session when DK stops in. We get in depth about early childhood trauma, our thoughts on God, whether or not Bux's son should wear a "cream pie" sweater and a few other random topics.
01:09:10 10/18/2021

Past Episodes

Some Guy Rants
Wow! A lot has happened lately, our network "The Crew" has been growing. In fact I got another podcast w/ DK Murphy (from the Booze & Dudes) called S.T.D. I'll finally be starting my age gap episodes soon. So look out for that. Until then enjoy me being excited about all this.
00:13:52 10/14/2021
Some Guy Rants
I'm still hesitant to record the age gap series. So I record a episode about my worst/best sexual relationship. What started as a reflection on a recent comment from a family member's ex wife (she hit on me and gave me her #), continues onto my time as a hedonist
00:53:22 9/30/2021
Some Guy Rants
I catch up w/ Chuck Bux and talk about the future of our shows/ network
01:11:19 9/18/2021
Some Guy Rants
Update on what's next for the podcast (I go over future topics and episodes).
00:26:11 9/11/2021
Some Guy Rants
After recording another B&D podcast, I decided to chat w/ Johnny Má?těn & Dick Sassy. We ended up talking about our past and present and some other personal things. Sorry about the females talking in the background, but that's what happens @ the Crew studios. Till the next focused episode hopefully this will hold you all over. Thanks for your patience !_!
01:00:57 8/29/2021
Some Guy Rants
Till I get my shit together, here's a bonus episode from the Big Bux Studios w/ the Booze and the Dudes (special guest "Shiesty") about the "Prestige Film Festival"
01:30:24 8/15/2021
Some Guy Rants
What started as an episode on seeing some of my exes in person after 8+ years, turned into another mindless rant on this and that. One lesson out of it all. Appreciate the moments you share w/ another, you may see them again years down the line and hopefully their in a better place now; just like you should be too
00:40:00 7/15/2021
Some Guy Rants
I just got home from the Poirier vs. McGregor 3 fight. I talk about how awkward it is for me to go to group events, and how I feel/deal w/ them. I also go over how great my friends (The Dudes of B&D) are and how the night ended. I also go over how drinking/drugs can help this anxiety and how I/you should look @ it in the long run.
00:55:22 7/11/2021
Some Guy Rants
What started as a episode w/ no planned topic, turned into a 50 min rant about this and that. Eventually I find a point, which is... Have/Get a "friend" (family member, lover, coworker or whatever) that you can talk to about anything that you think/worry about. It really helps a lot
00:50:03 7/8/2021
Some Guy Rants
I read some of the fan email I've been getting since I put up my email address (Jz2002182@gmail.com) I skip the compliments, and go over the criticism. Which was very funny, keep them coming. I'm just excited you all are listening thanks again !_!
00:42:30 7/3/2021

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