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Rated M for Moms

We are BACK!!!!

Hey, we are finally back after a much-needed vacation and break. catch up with us and hear all we have coming up!!!! Follow us on Instagram @RatedMforMomsPodcast
00:14:38 1/26/2023

Past Episodes

Rated M for Moms
Do you like to watch serial killers' documentaries, are you binge watching one right now? Devyn and I talk about the Jeffrey Dahmer series on Netflix, what we think about and a few other serial killers like John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy and a few other serial killers and what they have in common with each other. Follow us on Instagram @RatedMforMoms
01:02:34 10/21/2022
Rated M for Moms
We have so much going on right now, we just got through hurricane Ian and preparing for Devyn daughter first birthday. and we have some things happen for you guys. make sure to follow us on Instagram @Ratedmformoms
00:49:44 10/7/2022
Rated M for Moms
Alex takes her love language test and we talk all about how our relationships are going with our partners and where we see the flaws. Follow us on Instagram at RatedMforMoms.
01:29:07 9/22/2022
Rated M for Moms
Postpartum is beautiful yet ugly and so much more hear us talk about our journey's.
01:27:56 9/17/2022
Rated M for Moms
Being a mother is hard enough and when you add mom guilt to the mix it feels like a never-ending roller coaster.
01:01:46 9/8/2022
Rated M for Moms
Alex opens up about her life's real and raw moments.
01:12:57 9/1/2022
Rated M for Moms
Devyn confesses her secrets to the world.
01:07:01 8/26/2022
Rated M for Moms
Update on our lives and what has happen in the last month.
00:00:00 8/18/2022
Rated M for Moms
We're talking to mompreneur Alexis from lextalkbiz.
00:36:40 7/28/2022
Rated M for Moms
Parenting our atypical children can be challenging, listen to some tips we have. We also have some exciting news.
50:26:00 7/22/2022

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