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Hurricane & Stigs

Episode 68: The Long Awaited Return

Here is the return of the show... kinda...maybe... but we are coming back! (we do not own the rights to the cover image.) Special Guests: Ben Hamrick, Brock Thompson "Choppin", and Chris Macchia.
00:07:18 3/14/2020

Past Episodes

Hurricane & Stigs
It's almost the Forth! Enjoy a quote for the Forth the day before the Forth. Xploding Xmas! Yes, Hurricane does have a dance called the "Bald Eagle." It was established circa 2009. It's America's dance...coming soon to a dance floor near you. This episode is sponsored by Brew Pub Jerky! ( Image from:
00:14:46 7/3/2019
Hurricane & Stigs
BOOM GOES THE NAPOLEON Dynamite! This episode is sponsored by Brew Pub Jerky (!
00:11:30 7/1/2019
Hurricane & Stigs
We get a great quote form the lesser known Napoleon, Napolean Bonapart that is...not Napoleon Dynamite. We talk, noro virus, enemy's mistakes, biscuits, not getting charged right, and more. This episode is sponsored by Brew Pub Jerky. ( Burrito photo form. (
00:15:40 7/1/2019
Hurricane & Stigs
Weekend, Workaholics, Taking the weekend for granted, & More. Go do yourself a favor and eat at East Coast Provisions ( in CaryTown, RVA. This episode brought to you by Brew Pub Jerky (! Type code "Hurricane" at the check out to support our show.
00:12:55 6/28/2019
Hurricane & Stigs
Here is one to contemplate...why do Stigs and Paul Laufer really get the boy scout drop out aware? This episode is brought to you by Brew Pub Jerky ( Will Ferrell photo is from (
00:09:36 6/27/2019
Hurricane & Stigs
The greatest baseball movie of all time gives us our quote for Wednesday. We could quote the entire movie, but we will save other lines for later episodes. This episode is brought to you by Brew Pub Jerky (
00:14:27 6/26/2019
Hurricane & Stigs
Jack Black the actor gives us a great quote concerning the hair strips above your eyes. Enjoy this relaxed episode! This episode is brought to you by Brew Pub Jerky (! Jack Black image is from (
00:13:56 6/25/2019
Hurricane & Stigs
We chat about the crazy/stupid things we did when we were young. Life is hard enough before you do dumb things. This episode is sponsored by (
00:18:15 6/24/2019
Hurricane & Stigs
You have value especially when you help people. If you are the kind family in Spain, Simon Dart is super grateful. Form the bottom of his heart he thanks you. This episode is brought to you by Brew Pub Jerky ( Special Guest: Simon Dart.
00:15:23 6/21/2019
Hurricane & Stigs
We dive deep into the past an look at our first social media posts. Don't take yourself to seriously or maybe you should. Here's to Stigs' epic picture. Stigs is already taken sorry ladies. This episode is brought to you by Brew Pub Jerky Go to Https:// Special Guest: Simon Dart.
00:11:39 6/20/2019
Hurricane & Stigs
We talk fresh business ideas and what makes businesses successful. OOOOOOO and we mention a BrewPubJerky give away! This episode is sponsored by BrewPubJerky at Also mentioned in this episode: Special Guest: Simon Dart.
00:15:57 6/19/2019
Hurricane & Stigs
We fill talk about filling the voids we see. Where do you see opportunity and what you are going to do about it. This episode is sponsored by ( Special Guest: Simon Dart.
00:13:36 6/18/2019
Hurricane & Stigs
Interesting....a quote on pushing the body comes from a man that is typically thought of for his brain. Thank you for sponsoring this episode. Special Guest: Simon Dart.
00:12:37 6/17/2019
Hurricane & Stigs
We have little faith in the easy stuff, but so much in the hard things to explain/quantify/prove. Also, Stigs' has been lied to his whole life apparently by his mom (yikes).
00:13:36 6/14/2019

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