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Screener Squad: The Nightingale

THE NIGHTINGALE MOVIE REVIEW Writer/director Jennifer Kent hit the ground running with her widely celebrated film in 2014, The Babadook. Lord knows most of us here at Oneofus were HUGE fans. So why did it take 4 years for her next feature? Well, if and when you choose to see The Nightingale, you'll understand. This… Read More »Screener Squad: The Nightingale
00:21:25 8/8/2019

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Highly Suspect Reviews
THE PEANUT BUTTER FALCON MOVIE REVIEW Shia LaBeouf has had a hard run of it. I mean, due to his own indiscretions, sure. But for a while there, he seemed inescapable and of late, he's seemed…done. Well, we might all reconsider Mr. LaBeouf after seeing him light up the screen in this movie. He plays… Read More »Highly Suspect Reviews: The Peanut Butter Falcon
00:20:01 8/8/2019
Highly Suspect Reviews
THE KITCHEN MOVIE REVIEW Based on the Vertigo comic book series, The Kitchen follows three women as they try to make ends meet in 70s Hell's Kitchen NYC after their husbands go to jail for robbery. It becomes apparent quickly that the Irish Mob boss who is supposed to be looking out for them couldn't… Read More »Highly Suspect Reviews: The Kitchen
00:25:45 8/8/2019
Highly Suspect Reviews
SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK MOVIE REVIEW We went into this adaptation of the children's book series knowing these three things about the source material: #1- We were old enough to be unaware of their existence when they were big. #2- To all reports, the stories themselves were just ok. #3- To all… Read More »Highly Suspect Reviews: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
00:21:46 8/8/2019
Highly Suspect Reviews
ODE TO JOY MOVIE REVIEW Romantic comedies involving people with diseases has been a mixed bag genre at best. But it's hard not to be enticed by a film starring Martin Freeman and Morena Baccarin. Here, Freeman plays a guy with Cataplexy (he faints when he gets emotionally worked up). When he meets the delightful… Read More »Screener Squad: Ode to Joy
00:22:45 8/7/2019
Highly Suspect Reviews
SWAMP THING SEASON 1 REVIEW Ok, I know it says ‘season 1' which is the sorta thing that indicates there might be a season 2. According to the DC streaming network, due to their own mistakes, this is not going to be the case. John Gholson and Chris dive into the controversy behind this as… Read More »Screener Squad – Swamp Thing: Season 1
00:29:02 8/6/2019
Highly Suspect Reviews
ANOTHER LIFE SEASON 1 REVIEW It took a little longer getting this review out, but we just had to process our feelings on this new Netflix release, Another Life. The story follows Niko (Katee Sackhoff), an astronaut sent on an intergalactic mission following the arrival of a mysterious spaceship. While she and her crew search… Read More »Screener Squad: Another Life – Season 1
00:31:35 8/6/2019
Highly Suspect Reviews
THE NIGHT SITTER MOVIE REVIEW It's spooky Christmas in August…or at least kinda. Ben and Bradley are here to ask the real questions about the new comedy horror film The Night Sitter. Can a babysitter who's not all she seems to be stop a group of witches from killing some kids and her really dumb… Read More »Screener Squad: The Night Sitter
00:22:16 8/6/2019
Highly Suspect Reviews
THE BOYS SEASON 1 REVIEW Considering how wildly violent, shocking, and anti-establishment (on, like, EVERY level) comics writer Garth Ennis's output has been, it's really surprising that he has TWO television show adaptations of his work on the air. The second (after Preacher) is The Boys, now streaming on Amazon Prime. It follows Hughie, a… Read More »Screener Squad: The Boys – Season 1
00:42:14 8/5/2019
Highly Suspect Reviews
VERONICA MARS SEASON 4 SEASON REVIEW Obviously, I'm dreaming. There's no way there's a whole new season of Veronica Mars on Hulu. They told me it would never happen. And yet, here we are. Maybe. Hold on……… there a new season of Firefly? No? Well, shit, this is real. Yes, the gang is all (largely)… Read More »Screener Squad: Veronica Mars – Season 4
00:44:23 8/2/2019
Highly Suspect Reviews
Hobbs & Shaw Movie Review Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson on vacay from the Fast & The Furious Films team up together here for an international action-comedy-spy romp that asks the question: how dumb is TOO dumb for a Fast & the Furious film? Your answers may vary, as Hobbs & Shaw seeks to toe… Read More »Highly Suspect Reviews: Hobbs & Shaw
00:41:45 8/1/2019
Highly Suspect Reviews
SWORD OF TRUST MOVIE REVIEW Lynn Shelton (Humpday, Your Sister's Sister) returns with another mumblecore indie with Sword of Trust. The film follows a couple, Cynthia and Mary (Jillian Bell, Michaela Watkins), who inherit a Civil War sword from Cynthia's deceased grandfather. Once they realize it has ‘documentation' to prove that the South won the… Read More »Screener Squad: Sword of Trust
00:27:34 8/1/2019
Highly Suspect Reviews
MAIDEN MOVIE REVIEW Ever heard of the Whitbread Round the World Race? Neither had I, but it's the longest race there is as yachts compete to circumnavigate the globe in this risky venture. And up until 1989, they didn't have women as part of their crews. A hotbed of machismo, the community pooh-poohed the idea… Read More »Highly Suspect Reviews: Maiden
00:23:54 7/25/2019
Highly Suspect Reviews
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Movie Review The arrival of a new Tarantino film is always going to be a major cinephile event, even if the response to his output has become decidedly mixed. At the very least, you know you're gonna get something wild and Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood is… Read More »Highly Suspect Reviews: Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood
00:44:11 7/25/2019
Highly Suspect Reviews
SECRET OBSESSION MOVIE REVIEW It's time for another dive into the Netflix bargain bin with this new movie Secret Obsession. When Jennifer, played by Brenda Song, gets hit by a car, she discovers that she has lost all of her memories. After she is admitted to a hospital, her husband Russell, played by Mike Vogel,… Read More »Screener Squad: Secret Obsession
00:19:12 7/22/2019

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