The FAR OUT! Podcast with Frank Hannon is all about taking risks, challenging yourself and getting out of the box, far out of the box, like doing a podcast.


FAR OUT! with Frank Hannon


Vixen guitarist Britt Lightning and Frank talk about working hard and getting in the "Zone" with horses and more, the ups and downs of the music business, RED VOODOO talks about new music and the live show this Friday July 31st.

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00:37:27 7/29/2020

Past Episodes

FAR OUT! with Frank Hannon
Frank talks with legendary photographer Mark "Weissguy" Weiss about his new book, and details about the Monsters of Rock Studios live stream. Plus the younger generation of rockers JT Loux, Davin Loiler of Red Voodoo #1 Bestseller "The Decade That Rocked" by Mark "Weissguy" Weiss Available at -
00:37:35 7/24/2020
FAR OUT! with Frank Hannon
Frank discusses the Monsters of Rock Studios new live streaming shows and revisits the ship's Wentworth art gallery interviewing Christian, Rick Allen of Def Leppard, and Brian Wheat of Tesla about their artists endeavors. Also hear pieces of "Rise Up!" by Red Voodoo.
36:56:00 7/12/2020
FAR OUT! with Frank Hannon
Frank talks with Dee Dee from Graceland, about Elvis Presley. Guests Jeff Carlson and JT Loux talk about making new music and the king.
00:48:00 6/4/2020
FAR OUT! with Frank Hannon
KELLY NOBLES interview recorded on the MOR cruise. Talking about Kelly's double bass drumming, his career with the band RAIL, now becoming a HEMP farmer for CBD production, and debuting Frank's new single.. Ride Strong!
00:32:42 3/25/2020
FAR OUT! with Frank Hannon
Talking with Frank on the MOR Cruise ship about photography and motorcycles. Also a new music review.
00:38:24 3/16/2020
FAR OUT! with Frank Hannon
Interview with Mike Araiza and Jeff Sandoval about their new album "Healing The Fray". Frank also discusses new music with JT Loux and they talk about the current affect of the Corona Virus scare on the music industry. Listen and Pre-order the new album "Healing The Fray" -
00:29:41 3/12/2020
FAR OUT! with Frank Hannon
Part 2 of TESLA tour recap and Bad Marriage has run in with Houston Police!
00:23:27 2/28/2020
FAR OUT! with Frank Hannon
Frank checks in from the road fresh off the Monsters of Rock Cruise! He shares what it's like to be on a tour plus some TESLA updates! His first guest from the MOR Cruise is guitarist STEVE BROWN from Trixter, Def Leppard and Danger Danger!
00:17:47 2/25/2020
FAR OUT! with Frank Hannon
Frank discusses his love for horses, communicating with them and interviews Nicole Pioli from Great Oak Equine Assisted program in Aiken, South Carolina who specialize in helping special needs patients with horses. Learn more about Great Oak Equine Assisted program at
00:20:17 2/3/2020
FAR OUT! with Frank Hannon
Hang backstage with EDDIE TRUNK! Plus Interviews with Phil X, Brent Woods, GIBSON supports the next generation of young guitarists along with the Dallas International Guitar festival's Jamie Malone, and Aljon Go of Epiphone Guitars brings the details of the new Epiphone designs!
00:27:31 1/24/2020
FAR OUT! with Frank Hannon
Cesar is the Chief Merchant Officer of Gibson Brands Inc. and he joins Frank on the FAR OUT! Podcast to discuss Gibson Artist relations and the rebirth of Gibson! Plus, NAMM jamming plans with Jared James Nichols! Frank talks about his new signature model Love Dove acoustic guitar!
00:34:14 1/14/2020
FAR OUT! with Frank Hannon
Frank talks to his longtime friend JOE ELLIOTT about the new Down 'n' Outz album 'This Is How We Roll' featuring Joe on guitar! Hear Joe talk about his influences from Mott the Hopple, the David Bowie inspired song "Goodnight Mr. Jones", his 70's era influences and much more! Also, Frank talks about touring with Steve Clark and his long relationship with Gibson Guitars. This Episode is brought to you by: Gibson Guitars - The Powerhouse Pub - Monsters of Rock Cruise -
00:44:47 1/6/2020
FAR OUT! with Frank Hannon
Ring the New Year with Frank as he reflects on the last year / decade and looks forward to 2020!
00:22:40 12/31/2019
FAR OUT! with Frank Hannon
Join Frank and the O.B.B.C. boys in one of the funnest FAR OUT episodes yet as they crack open a growler and taste test the very first batch of the "HEAVY METAL HIPPIE Double IPA"! OUT of BOUNDS BREWING COMPANY owner Anthony, and brewmaster Greg, take Frank to school and teach him all the steps of brewing a world class IPA from barley to beer. Learn about choosing the right hops and getting the correct temp to create the perfect craft beer. Is Santa Clause a "HEAVY METAL HIPPIE"? Are you a "HEAVY METAL HIPPIE"? What exactly is a "HEAVY METAL HIPPIE"? Tune in and find out! Also, you won't believe who Frank interviewed this morning for an upcoming exciting episode that definitely won't leave you feelin' Down N' Out or High N' Dry! Thank you all for your support and have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday! This episode is sponsored by: Gibson Guitars - Monsters of Rock Cruise - Catch Frank in concert at: The Whiskey in Hollywood, CA | Jan. 24, 2020 - Out of Bounds Brewing Co. in Folsom, CA | Feb. 1, 2020 - Find Frank on: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - YouTube - Spotify - LinkedIn -
00:29:22 12/24/2019

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