Guitars and PR's is a weekly comedy/pop culture podcast where the hosts (Zach & Hayden) talk about a variety of topics including music, fitness, shows/movies, and media in general. Formerly known as Endless Opinions.


Guitars & PR's

Ep, 90 Shot At The Dark

Today, Zach and Hayden discuss their predications for UFC 268 and give some upsets they believe will take place. Then they get really deep into what recently happened with Henry Ruggs III.
00:31:09 11/6/2021

Past Episodes

Guitars & PR's
Today, Zach and Hayden discuss how movie theaters have changed over the last couple years and how Hayden is out on movie theaters. They also get into some Halloween stories and talk about which candy is the top tier and the bottom tier.
00:27:46 10/29/2021
Guitars & PR's
Today, the guys dive into a talk about sports and the somewhat new NIL bill that was passed a few months ago. They discuss if it would have changed their minds about sports when they were in school. Zach dives into some UFC talk and gets into some upcoming events.
00:27:23 10/1/2021
Guitars & PR's
Today, Hayden admits that he has given up on Sober September and explains what lead to his decision. Zach discusses an odd challenge he is joining and much more!
00:24:21 9/26/2021
Guitars & PR's
Today, the guys talk about how Sober September is going and how hard it has been for them to continue on and finishing the month off. Zach has news about Sober September.
00:29:54 9/18/2021
Guitars & PR's
Hayden and Zach talk about what has been going on recently, which includes Hayden's CrossFit competition and how well they did. Then Zach's Covid situation at his new place. They also discuss a little more about Sober September and what some of the rules and guidelines will be. Follow @guitarsandprs on Instagram to follow along for Sober September!
00:28:27 8/27/2021
Guitars & PR's
Today, the guys talk about what the challenge will be for Sober September and what they are getting rid of the month of September. They encourage the followers to join them for Sober September if you want a clean reset!
00:26:06 8/27/2021
Guitars & PR's
Today, Zach and Hayden talk about some of their memorable drunk moments and how some of them almost led to them throwing hands. Hayden fills Zach in about his blacked out experience and much more!
00:36:34 8/13/2021
Guitars & PR's
On today's episode the guys discuss a range of topics that include MMA fights, football and covid, Crossfit, and Hayden's self conscious getting the best of him. Follow @GuitarsandPR's on Instagram to stay in the loop of what goes on!
00:32:20 7/24/2021
Guitars & PR's
Right off the rip Hayden goes on a rant about social media and how he is fed up with some people. Then the guys get into what they have been up to and talk about the new Black Widow movie. They also talk about MMA fights and how the most recent fight went.
00:27:46 7/23/2021
Guitars & PR's
Today the guys discuss what has been going on recently and talk about the short hiatus they took from podcasting. Hayden gives an update on how his Daytona competition goes, and Zach talks about his move in situation. They also get into why sports are still testing for Marijuana and why it's a big deal.
00:30:25 7/6/2021
Guitars & PR's
Today, the guys talk about Hayden's meeting with his head coach and what he needs to do in order to be a coach. They also talk about his competition this coming up weekend and what some of those events are. Then Zach talks about moving out and what he is looking forward to.
00:32:42 6/18/2021
Guitars & PR's
On today's episode, the guys talk about what kind of entertainment they would build if they had the money to do so. Then, they go into a deep talk and get some things off their chest. Lastly they end on a lighter note about how people are changing their minds about college and work.
00:25:07 6/7/2021
Guitars & PR's
The day has finally come ladies and gentlemen! Endless Opinions has officially retired and the guys have renamed their podcast to Guitars & PR's In this episode the guys talk about what the names mean and how they both got into their fields of expertise. They talk about how the name change came to be and what they expect from here on out. Guitars and PR's will have a social media page up shortly!!
00:29:25 5/27/2021
Guitars & PR's
Today, the guys talk about some first impressions they thought about each other and then other people's opinion about them. They also get into about the idea of judging others and what that means to them. Don't forget to follow Endless Opinions on Twitter @Opinionsendless and on Instagram @Endlessopinoins for more updates!
00:34:00 5/13/2021

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