Some comedy that's just tragic and some theories with no evidence.


Dog Park Theory

Teh whole fing universe!

Single Causality or something
00:02:42 11/1/2021

Past Episodes

Dog Park Theory
Turnovers for everybody or something
00:05:02 11/1/2021
Dog Park Theory
Put your best headphones on for this one don't cheat yourself. (From I Am Jonny Flinging Poo)
00:08:33 3/27/2021
Dog Park Theory
The car solves two out of three of the problems of hypothermia and then provides an opportunity to work, then graduate to housing. And electric cars solve all three with steady 70+ F temperatures all night. Cars running on gasoline all night is a nightmare.
00:07:40 3/25/2021
Dog Park Theory
Jonny Theory or something
00:14:23 2/21/2021
Dog Park Theory
Start spreading the disease or something
00:02:57 8/27/2020
Dog Park Theory
Little Blonde Pistol Don't give her any ammunition
00:06:41 8/7/2020
Dog Park Theory
Majority Rules or something
00:02:58 6/9/2020
Dog Park Theory
It's lonely at the top.
00:03:54 6/9/2020
Dog Park Theory
Just weird shit man aka microphone test 2
00:04:57 6/9/2020
Dog Park Theory
Shure SM7B Product review aka microphone and humor test
09:30:00 6/2/2020
Dog Park Theory
Bigger things are made of smaller things or something
00:05:29 4/28/2020
Dog Park Theory
Work = Values or something
00:07:47 4/28/2020
Dog Park Theory
Jesus H Christ or something
00:11:35 4/28/2020
Dog Park Theory
Jonny One Equals All or something
00:25:25 4/28/2020

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