How are you consistently the best you while dating or in a relationship? We discuss all kinds of crazy scenarios, and more. From the creator of the highly acclaimed Dating Intelligence blog, finally comes Dating Intelligence- the Podcast. Tennis pro Chris Louis and former Playmate Tina Bockrath give advice on dating, relationships, marriage, and everything in between. Join the fun as they discuss any and all topics dealing with issues we encounter in our dating and relationship lives. Nothing is off limits.


Dating Intelligence the Podcast

Know Your Dating Worth

 Just when you thought you knew it all. Do you truly "Know your Dating Worth"? In this episode, join Christopher and Tina as they discuss the ins and outs of what makes you special and unique when dating.  Don't miss this exciting and fun filled show as they keep it informative and hilariously fresh!  

00:27:19 6/23/2020

Past Episodes

Dating Intelligence the Podcast

Have you ever had an argument with your significant other and it didn't go as smoothly as you had hoped?  Or do you just go in "guns a blazing" with the "it's my way or the highway" approach?  Join Chris and Tina as they explore the Art of Fighting Fair and see if they can come to some common ground.  

00:22:10 5/19/2020
Dating Intelligence the Podcast

Episode 2 explores The Game of Truth or Honesty.  Join Christopher and Tina as they discuss what most of us are afraid to share with one another.  It's a topic that creates controversy and an introspective point of view for all of us.  Listen to what unravels, as each host's opinion differentiates throughout.  

00:19:35 5/5/2020
Dating Intelligence the Podcast

Chris and Tina discuss how everyone is coping with dating and relationships within "The New Normal".  We tackle all sides of how the Coronavirus has affected the way we interact with each other during these times with "Social Distancing" and the "Stay at Home" rules in place.  

00:31:18 4/21/2020

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