Welcome to Crank N Sprockets, a weekly call-in podcast that answers your questions provides insights and advice and starts a conversation about Bicycles. Think Car Talk for Bikes! Every episode features a special guest who rides a bicycle. Musician Al Doughty from Jesus Jones. Individuals who are making an impact on bikes like Louis Moore, president and founding member of a bicycle club named after the fastest bike rider in the world in 1899 who just happened to be African American, Major Taylor. Bob The Bike Man Charland founder of Pedal Thru Youth who has built and refurbished over 1,200 for kids in need. Stay tuned


Crank N Sprockets

Crank N Sprockets Goes to School

In this episode Crank N Sprockets Goes to School We meet a Grad Student studying Philosophy at Carnegie Mellon who is planning to participate in the epic Dirty Dozen bike ride and wants to know how he can upgrade his rear cassette in order to climb the STEEPEST paved street in the world! We also meet the 2019 Minnesota High School Cycling League Coach of the Year who IS playing a major role in driving one of the largest nationwide movements in High School sports seen in decades!
00:00:00 2/20/2020

Past Episodes

Crank N Sprockets
This episode we head to the front range of Colorado to meet Trent Newcomer a Franchise Partner with Velofix the mobile bike shop. Trent is a veterinarian and an entrepreneur with a passion for cycling. You could say that Trent is the poster guy for the Velofix experience. A busy professional who wants to save time and ride more! During our conversation we learn that Trent cares deeply about his local community and insures that every member of his Velofix mobile team shares his passion.
00:00:00 12/9/2019
Crank N Sprockets
We'll meet The Highway Hag, an accomplished Harley rider from Wisconsin who wants to take up bicycles but can't decide if it's Fat or Skinny. And she has yet to find a bike seat that isn't a pain in the ass. A MTB from Santa Fe New Mexico who has been riding serious single track since he was old enough to mount a Trail A Bike behind a Kona Stinky. A director of community outreach for a professional ballet company who wants to know how to commute safely in the big city. Does she really have to wear official bike clothing? And if a helmet is mandatory, how can she avoid helmet hair? And finally, we'll meet a man who started a bike club named after the Fastest Bike Rider in the world who just happened to be African American. This guy was doing stunts on his bike before the turn of the century. Look out Hans Rey!
00:00:00 10/23/2019
Crank N Sprockets

We meet a Mt Biker from Colorado who managed to golf the back 9 while competing in the now legendary Leadville 100 race and wants to know if it’s possible to bow hunt on his Mt Bike with a bob trailer?

 An embryologist from a ranch in Kansas who breeds cattle and wants to know why she can’t get air into a tube on her Electra Cruiser. But don’t tell her horse she’ll be riding without him! 

 Right Here and Right Now, we’ll meet Alan Doughty from the iconic Band Jesus Jones and the Waco Brothers.  Al has become an advocate for enjoying long bike rides away from the maddening city that are 100% Donald and Boris Free!

00:28:40 10/15/2019
Crank N Sprockets

In this episode;

We’ll meet a producer and documentarist who’s passion is riding bike trails around the Midwest. He wants to know ‘What’s UP with Mackinaw Island’? Why no cars? Hears there are some gnarly cliff side trails and wonders if he can navigate them?

A Hi Racer Recumbent biker who competes in endurance and ultra endurance competitions on pavement and is interested in getting dirty on some Mt Bike trails! She wants to if anyone is riding recumbents on serious single-tracks and if anyone is making Mt. Bike ready recumbents?

 And finally, we’ll meet Bob The Bike Man who single-handedly created Pedal Thru Youth a non profit in Springfield Mass, and with the help of Local Law Enforcement Officers has gifted over 1,200 kids with a FREE bicycle! And if this was not enough, Bob has a Fatal neurodegenerative disease.

 Bob’s story is one of inspiration and left us wondering if Angels ride bicycles?

00:35:19 9/24/2019

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