Osebass and Sanj are Brewsome Buddies! Get high with Sanj, get drunk with Osebass as we talk shit about the week that was and much more. I would tell you more but I blackedout! Thanks for your support! We are Brewsome Buddies!


Brewsome Buddies

Guardians and Olympians! Gaming and Sports

Chug a lug and grab your drugs its time for Brewsome Buddies! We turn on the laughs with some tongue and cheek after a long week. Osebass bring some more info form E3 and the Guardians of the Galaxy game coming soon. A quick breakdown of life as a Star, Lord. Gaurdian news in MLB as well as Cleveland changes its racist nickname to something more lame. What Cleveland dont like Indians or something. Heya how you doin. To wrap up the show we praise the sports that have happened in the past year as well as what to look forward to with the Summer Olympics kicking off. Whick country will win Gold in Kickball...JK. All that and more on this episode of Brewsome Buddies.
00:00:00 7/25/2021

Past Episodes

Brewsome Buddies
Is the brew in the house? Without a doubt. Now put the bong to your mouth! Rip! R.I.P to the Clown Prince Biz Markie. A short tribute to the OG and the tough life of being an innovator and pioneer. We follow up with our thoughts on the season of Loki. the finale and the future of the show and MCU? We keep it light. We take that light and rip the bong! Join us for our session on this episode of Brewsome Buddies
00:00:00 7/18/2021
Brewsome Buddies
We are changing our format. We are going soft rock. Psych! We stay strong and rock on, with beer and bong! Chugalug mofug. Sanj shares his morning routine and of course its consist of extra greens. How an edible combined with coffee can get you started. We get in Depp about Pirates of the Caribbean and that sunkin ship. What could have been if Depp hadnt been an asshole. We praise the DVR and all the TV superhero shows that are killing it. We throw some ideas of what you may want to binge if youre ready to geek out. Bi the way, We discuss the greatness of Loki and if he uses his magic to create a dildo or fleshlight to plessure himself Thanks to the continuous success of MCU. Whip your lightsaber out as we mention some recent StarWars games VR and TV. Get in the game baby! Finally we discuss why is this country so comfortable with the pussification of America? Why are we so soft? Join us for a beer and bud session on this episode of Brewsome Buddies.
00:00:00 7/10/2021
Brewsome Buddies
A word from our highest paid President... We're with family this American Holiday and took this weekend off. We will be back next week. Thank you for your support! Please reach out to us @Brewsomebuddies and brewsomebuddies@gmail.com
00:00:00 7/3/2021
Brewsome Buddies
Life hack? Life hack is identity theft. What youre showing me is a tip bitch. And, thats all we want to put in. Just the tip...Sanj stays high with his new enjoyment for edibles. Cocktail in the brain makes a happy Sanj. He talks about his new adventure to C.c.B.b.D.d. "Cannabis clubs, Beers burgers, Dope Drives" Road trippin around the country finding you the best in the weed world. Hit the bong when we hit the Gong and talk all that is Marvels Shang Chi and grab a cup of G.I Joe as we discuss the upcoming movie Snake Eyes. Shoutout to the 80s! Gameshows and tavern breaks. Brews, Buds and more on this episode of Brewsome Buddies!
00:00:00 6/26/2021
Brewsome Buddies
SPOILER ALERT! This episode is AWESOME! Rockin Raw...we Rawck! Ragna style. Praise to Netflix Series Ragnarok. Must see for we! Tough weeks and hot weather as things get back to normal in the world. We throwback to the 80s and explain where our name came from. Shoutout to Bosom Buddies and the irrelevant Short Round from that show. No T.hanks. We praise the Hi Hat hips of Conan Obrien. Fuck Leno! Stay Loki with us as discuss the brilliance of the MCU and praise other series that stay strong and dont jump the shark. Henry you got a leather jacket on water skis. Bro?! Shoutout to the wolves as we enter the Tavern for a Brew and Bud in review. Keepin it elbow high...All that and more on this episode of Brewsome Buddies!
00:00:00 6/19/2021
Brewsome Buddies
USA, USA, USA! Whats up Brew Budz! Thanks for joining us for another Bong rippin, Brew sippin night of comedy chaos. We celebrate this beautiful countries recent success. Aint that a pitch... From National soccer team to the consideration by the American Mafia. Bacardi to best beers, Sativa to StarWars. We discuss what the county does so well. So we do what we do well and thats make you laugh. Come join us for a fun night on this episode of Brewsome Buddies!
00:00:00 6/13/2021
Brewsome Buddies
Does Darth Vader owe alimony? Does Vader have to Force choke a bitch? The sad parenting skills of Darth. Way to go Wayne, way to go Darth. Sanj shares his a ball tale of his cosmit day. His penis's encounter with a deadly clipper. Sanj maybe speaking higher in this pitch. Osebass takes us to school with a snap of the fingers. He explains Marvel Campus and Disney's never ending greatness. Superhero storylines and what to follow. Is Batman in England? WTF? We got Beer reviews, we got bud reviews and what else you should be watching. Join us as we get stupid on this episode of Brewsome Buddies!
00:00:00 6/7/2021
Brewsome Buddies
When the car is a rockin, dont worry about knockin. Thats just Superhero, Officer John "the Hulk" Holt, lifting a car off a civilians head. Thats right, a car, by himself! Someone buy him a beer! Which beer you ask? Well, let the boys Beers, Buds and Binges review assist. Hear what you need for a future crossfade. All that beer talk makes Sanj wonder, do all women love a tall can in their couche or just the pornstars? Shitty products that came out during this pandemic and the quality control that is missing in past years. They guys differ about Switch. We dont beg to differ, we demand it! Sanj says Nintendo is a kids console? Osebass defense may have won that case. What Nintendo can offer for the older gamers. Is voice acting real acting, and why are the voice actors not given the screen roles? All that and more on this episode of Brewsome Buddies
00:00:00 6/1/2021
Brewsome Buddies
We slow roll, smoke bowls, feeling right with elbows high! We keep it positive with the beauty of the 3 day weekend. Osebass pops the question after popping his brew. What 3 day weekend is better, Friday off or Monday off? We discuss! We banter Hot chick posters in the bathroom and why? There should be motivation banners. Push, you can do it! Starbuck customers keep it moving please, baristas please ask if they want 1 punch or 2, with their mocha trenti ass-a-chino. Grab your steriod as we talk sports. The wrestling moves Sanj does to his penis and Aaron Rodgers lost his pacifier. That and much more in this episode of Brewsome Buddies
00:00:00 5/20/2021
Brewsome Buddies
We McSizzle right from the jump or shall we say, the pump as we muff dive right into porn and what happen to it. Why Sanj feel porn blows now more than ever. When we say blow we mean tears and mascara running, bitch gagging and throwin up on cock, blows. Thats hot! Osebass goes cosplay as Cap bangin Black jack Johansson. Now that you mention Cap, we talk MCU as well... Join us in the tavern for a Beer in Review and much more in this episode of Brewsome Buddies!
00:00:00 5/9/2021

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