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Black and Highly Dangerous

Episode 105: Loni Love or Loni Hatin?

For this episode, Ty and Daphne discuss life, recent news, and politics. After catching up (00:30), the hosts discuss "Oh Lawd" news (03:34), including a mass layoff over Christmas break (4:05), the increase in emergency room visits following the legalization of cannabis in Illinois (6:29), and a bizarre North Korea political crime (8:06). They then discuss recent pop culture debates about love, marriage, and cheating. Specifically, they have a conversation about Mike Tyson's comments on interracial dating (10:04), Loni Love's remarks about cheating among Black men (21:45), the data related to race and faithfulness in relationships (28:25), the factors behind racial differences in marriage rates (33:30), and how gender roles shape marriage satisfaction and divorce (41:34). Ty and Daphne then switch gears by discussing health and the best and worst diets of 2020 (49:42). Next, the hosts have a conversation about the British royal family drama (56:00) as well as Meghan Markle's self-identification and the role of race in her treatment in the British press (58:30). Ty and Daphne wrap up the episode by sharing their thoughts on millennials' limited upward mobility (1:04:30), the latest developments related to the Democratic primary (1:10:15), and tensions between the US and Iran following Trump's decision to authorize Soleimani's killing (1:15:32).


01:24:05 1/14/2020

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