Soon to be college student, Sofia, is a motivated, young entrepreneur navigating an exciting time in her life! From weekly updates and pep talks to tales of traveling with friends, you are in for a fun and upbeat, insider look into what it's like to begin this exhilarating journey! Subscribe for a new podcast every Monday on topics such as friends, fashion, beauty, travel, student life, business, boys, and oh so much more!


 La Mode

Things I've Been Loving | Quotes, Content, and Happy Vibes!

In this bonus episode of the La Mode podcast, Sofia gets on the mic to share with you her favorites of the moment, from inspirational quotes to peanut butter s'mores and everything in between! Tune in to kick off this Memorial Day Weekend on a happy note!
00:40:30 5/22/2020

Past Episodes

 La Mode
As Sofia's senior year comes to a close this week, she shares with you some things that she has learned along the way. Tune in for thoughts on ambition, FOMO, boys, and more!
00:33:53 5/18/2020
 La Mode
In this week's episode, Sofia is hopping on the trend and answering Vogue's 73 questions! Follow on Instagram @alamodepodcast
00:41:28 5/11/2020
 La Mode
Join Sofia on this week's episode as she fills you in on her most recent tips for overcoming those inevitable quarantine slumps; everything from getting into a good rhythm with your healthy habits to learning how to give yourself some slack when things don't go your way!
00:39:38 5/4/2020
 La Mode
In this episode Sofia keeps it positive, sharing a few of her tips on how to stay productive while at home, and how to make the most of the situation!
00:19:35 4/27/2020

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