The Boys are fugitives, Homelander makes a confession to Madelyn and Hughie and Annie face off with A-Train. The Shaver Brothers discuss all that and more in the season one finale!

The Deep Dive - "The Boys" Podcast
01:25:39 9/25/2020

Past Episodes

The Deep Dive -
Butcher makes a deal with Stan Edgar to bring in Ryan. The Boys execute rescue in the season two finale of "The Boys". The Shaver Brothers break down the finale and give their final thoughts on the season.
00:00:00 10/16/2020
The Deep Dive -
Homelander and Stormfront attempt to turn Ryan against Becca, Mallory tries to get Vogelbaum to testify and Hughie and Lamplighter team up for a rescue mission in S2E7 of "The Boys". The Shaver Brothers discuss.
01:28:06 10/16/2020
The Deep Dive -
The Boys infiltrate Sage Grove, Stormfront comes clean with Homelander about her identity and ex-Seven member, Lamplighter shows up in S2E6 of "The Boys". The Shaver Brothers are here with the recap and analysis.
01:36:00 10/14/2020
The Deep Dive -
Homelander loses favor with the public, after footage is released of him killing an innocent bystander. Meanwhile, The Boys track Butcher down to his aunt's house, where they end up in a standoff with Black Noir. The Shaver Brothers discuss.
01:29:16 10/12/2020
The Deep Dive -
Butcher infiltrates the Vought facility, in search of Becca while MM, Hughie and Starlight go in search of the supe, Liberty and Homelander fires A-Train in S2E4 of "The Boys". The Shaver Brothers have thoughts.
01:27:21 10/7/2020
The Deep Dive -
Homelander and Ryan have a little father/son time, The Boys run into trouble while trying to deliver Kenji and the leaked news about Compound-V sends Vought into a crisis mode. The Shaver Brothers are back to break down the action.
01:36:19 10/2/2020
The Deep Dive -
The Boys discover that the supe terrorist Butcher agreed to deliver to Mallory is actually Kimiko's brother. Meanwhile, A-Train and Starlight have another confrontation and The Deep goes on a little trip in S2E2 of "The Boys". The Shaver brothers have thoughts.
01:20:57 9/30/2020
The Deep Dive -
The Boys are on the run, Starlight and Hughie are working in secret to acquire a sample of Compound-V and Stormfront joins The Seven in the Season Two premiere of the Amazon Original Series "The Boys". The Shaver Brothers are back with another season of recap, analysis and theories.
01:00:55 9/25/2020
The Deep Dive -
Homelander reveals the truth about The Boys to the rest of the Seven, Hughie is forced to confront A-Train and Raynor gets the evidence she needs to bring down Vought in S1E7 of "The Boys". The Shaver Brothers are here to break it down
01:06:16 9/25/2020
The Deep Dive -
Ashley gets fired, Deep gets banished to Sandusky and the Boys track down the mind-reading supe, Mesmer in S1E6, "The Innocents". The Shaver Brothers discuss.
01:42:25 9/23/2020

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