Whether Youre Talking To An Agent Or An Investor Communication Is Key - Episode 7

When it comes to business it's like any other relationship. Clear communication leads to happiness on both sides and a better outcome overall. https://www.nelabuyshomes.com/

Marissa Solis
00:01:58 10/22/2019

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Marissa Solis
Today I talk about my take on motherhood and why I believe they are the movers and shakers of the world! https://www.nelabuyshomes.com/
00:02:59 10/30/2019
Marissa Solis
We buy - remodel - sell homes in LA. #1 Get to know us. How much does it costs us to remodel a house? What is our expected ROI? What type of home are we looking for? #2 Send the deal with the resell value and estimated rehab costs. Along with Comps to support your valuation. As Real Estate Flippers we analyze so many deals every day. When you want to start making extra money by working with us make sure you follow the steps! Your properties will get quick responses, stand out from others, and you will be come a trusted/ go to agent who finds the right deals. ✅Visit our website for more information. Link in bio https://www.nelabuyshomes.com/
00:01:42 10/16/2019
Marissa Solis
If your resources are limited you have to do whatever you can to get started towards your goals. https://www.nelabuyshomes.com/
00:02:33 10/9/2019
Marissa Solis
Sometimes before there is any change you need to think about where you want to go and how you're going to get there. Think about whats valuable to you in life and what you can do to improve, relationships, career, etc. Once you find your direction, commit to achieving these changes. https://www.nelabuyshomes.com/
00:07:43 10/2/2019
Marissa Solis
As you invest in the area around you the community grows with you. https://www.nelabuyshomes.com/
00:02:40 9/25/2019
Marissa Solis
The process is a long one but if you work hard enough you will make it happen. Learn from your failures! https://www.nelabuyshomes.com/
00:03:46 9/18/2019
Marissa Solis
Tune in as I explain my process with business, family, well being and the simple things in life! Comment or message me if there's anything I can help with! https://www.nelabuyshomes.com/
00:05:50 9/12/2019

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