We will be talking about Ghostbusters Afterlife & how it connects to the original Ghostbusters

In our debut episode of season #1 we are taking a look at Ghostbusters Afterlife and the connection it has to the original Ghostbusters. We will take a look at similarities between all of the Ghostbusters movies from 1984 - 2021 including the 2016 version. So stay tuned in for some great conversation and subscribe for more great things to come.

Beyond Roanoke ( The Podcast )
00:13:54 11/22/2021

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Beyond Roanoke ( The Podcast )
Better late than never .... Here it is , a look back on Hawkeye and his journey from Thor to present day and the introduction of the Hawkeye Series. We I'll dive into how Hawkeye went from the comics to the silver screen, and how the Avengers movies tie in with the Disney plus series Hawkeye.so sit back and take in the majesty that is Hawkeye and stay tuned in for more on this series.
00:46:02 12/4/2021
Beyond Roanoke ( The Podcast )
We tried 2 different sauce companies, Cutino's Sauces and Heatonist which makes incredible Sauces for HOT ONE'S. Check out our YouTube and our Instagram to see what we will be upto next. The link for all of our social media networks is below. https://myroket.link/beyondroanoke
00:14:09 12/2/2021

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