We are going to Mars for some samples/Laboratory in Space/Space Walks

Jeff is on vacation which makes Michael happy, but David carries on without him.

Space Talk
00:11:29 7/27/2021

Past Episodes

Space Talk
How did the NASA manufacturing plant weather the storm? The Space Pen on Seinfeld? Music in Outer Space?
00:00:00 9/9/2021
Space Talk
Finally you have picked a name for the Moonikin. Great work!!! NASA travels to asteroids to discover their secrets and avoid collisions with Earth. NASA goes deep in the solar system to learn more.
00:52:17 7/3/2021
Space Talk
NASA is laying it all out there with trips to Venus, returning to the moon and paving a future that is all about Space Travel. Find out why NASA is the most liked government agency. Listen here.
00:59:20 6/9/2021
Space Talk
Jeff, David, Lynah and Michael explore many ways to celebrate National Space Day. Of course every day is space day in this Golden Age of Space Travel and Exploration.
00:34:54 5/7/2021
Space Talk
Join Jeff Rayno Solar System Ambassador as he explores the latest news releases related to NASA and JPL during this new Golden Era of Space Travel.
00:17:28 5/1/2021
Space Talk
NASA offers a $ challenge to see if you can predict the future of space. Supersonic flights will become minor thumps rather than booms, and MUCH MORE!
00:24:16 4/17/2021
Space Talk
Today's episode will show why Perseverance is on Mars, reveal its instruments, and talk about how oxygen is being made on Mars. Past evidence shows Mars once had water, and we will learn 7 unknown facts about ingenuity.
00:18:41 4/8/2021
Space Talk
This episode is the first of many. Join Jeff, Michael and Lynah as they tell you about all that NASA and JPL are working on in the new age of Space Exploration.
00:09:55 3/26/2021

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