Today in Wrestling History 7/26/2001 SmackDown

From Behind the Story, comes The Wrestling Time Machine. When there's no guest to Interview, I'll be talking about Shows that happened in the date that I'm publishing on.

Behind the Story Podcast.
00:58:38 7/26/2021

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Behind the Story Podcast.
00:34:35 5/27/2022
Behind the Story Podcast.
I talk about the NBA Playoffs that are starting on the sixteenth of April, I talk about the NBA's Hardwood Classics Merchandise, I talk about the MLB games for April 16, 2022. I announce something new for my Podcast.
00:53:38 4/16/2022
Behind the Story Podcast.
I started a two-part episode here about what I like in tv shows, the combination of good storytelling and how important it is to know how to improvise in scenes.
00:10:18 3/4/2022
Behind the Story Podcast.
I believe I spoke about two things here, but I only remember talking about NWO's promo against Flair and Piper.
00:57:49 2/6/2022
Behind the Story Podcast.
Part 1 of the Family Matters Episode where Steve shares with Carl about having a Prison Pen pal and Estelle talks to Eddie and his Classmates about her Husband's time in World War II.
00:40:06 11/6/2021
Behind the Story Podcast.
Jeff Hardy defending the Gold World Title against C. M. Punk is the third Ladder Match in SummerSlam History & it's A T. L. C. Match.
00:54:58 10/11/2021
Behind the Story Podcast.
I talk about The first ever TLC Match that happened at WWF SummerSlam 2000. The first ever TLC Match was a Tag-Team Title Match, in a Triple Threat or Triangle Match, between Edge and Christian, the Hardy Boyz and the Dudley Boyz. I than talked about Dusty Rhodes Promo "Hard Times".
00:45:25 10/6/2021

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