The first edition of Today in Wrestling History.

I talk about both The Steroid Trial coming to an end on this date in 1992 plus WWF Invasion, which happened in 2001.

Behind the Story Podcast.
00:59:28 7/23/2021

Past Episodes

Behind the Story Podcast.
00:34:35 5/27/2022
Behind the Story Podcast.
I talk about the NBA Playoffs that are starting on the sixteenth of April, I talk about the NBA's Hardwood Classics Merchandise, I talk about the MLB games for April 16, 2022. I announce something new for my Podcast.
00:53:38 4/16/2022
Behind the Story Podcast.
I started a two-part episode here about what I like in tv shows, the combination of good storytelling and how important it is to know how to improvise in scenes.
00:10:18 3/4/2022
Behind the Story Podcast.
I believe I spoke about two things here, but I only remember talking about NWO's promo against Flair and Piper.
00:57:49 2/6/2022
Behind the Story Podcast.
Part 1 of the Family Matters Episode where Steve shares with Carl about having a Prison Pen pal and Estelle talks to Eddie and his Classmates about her Husband's time in World War II.
00:40:06 11/6/2021
Behind the Story Podcast.
Jeff Hardy defending the Gold World Title against C. M. Punk is the third Ladder Match in SummerSlam History & it's A T. L. C. Match.
00:54:58 10/11/2021
Behind the Story Podcast.
I talk about The first ever TLC Match that happened at WWF SummerSlam 2000. The first ever TLC Match was a Tag-Team Title Match, in a Triple Threat or Triangle Match, between Edge and Christian, the Hardy Boyz and the Dudley Boyz. I than talked about Dusty Rhodes Promo "Hard Times".
00:45:25 10/6/2021

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