in this episode we have Shamsi Ruhe, Major Lingo, Poets Corner,

Doug Hopkins sings scooby do, Bear Cole, Wise Monkey Orchestra

and Flat head with Ruth Wilson on bass

The Ratio(the ray show)
00:39:07 7/5/2019

Past Episodes

The Ratio(the ray show)

live recording of coldplay at martini ranch in 2003

in my place

dont panic

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the scientist


00:35:41 7/6/2019
The Ratio(the ray show)

the gin blossoms, One, soulmines, dead hot workshop, peacemakers,

tone def, gravy, stephen ashbrook

00:39:40 5/19/2019
The Ratio(the ray show)

walt richardson, dead hot workshop, chimeras, gin blosoms, One,

soulmines dead hot workshop,peacemakers

00:40:47 5/19/2019
The Ratio(the ray show)

soulmines, pharaohs(robin wilson), peacemakers(roger cline)
gravy(ghetto cowgirl marc norman)chuck hall

00:43:00 5/19/2019
The Ratio(the ray show)

soulmines, pharaohs, satellite, peacemakers, gravy(sledville, ghetto cowgirl), One(shamsi rhue), thrash Cadillac(bruce canole), chimeras(pistoleros),

00:41:12 5/19/2019

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