Terry Funk & Bray Wyatt Tribute / AEW All-In Review

It has been a sad week for the world of professional wrestling. We lost the legendary Terry Funk. Terry Funk is your favorite wrestler's favorite wrestler. That is how good Terry Funk is. A day later, we were all struck by the tragic passing of Bray Wyatt. Bray quickly became one of the greatest, and most believable characters in pro wrestling, and he is gone way too soon. Today we pay tribute to these fallen superstars. As tragic as this week was for the industry, it is one of the most successful weeks as well. After we pay our respects, we are going to discuss the historic AEW All In from Wembley Stadium. Let's all sit back and enjoy some wrestling. Terry & Bray would have wanted it that way.

The Creative Team
01:34:35 8/30/2023

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The Creative Team
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The Creative Team
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00:43:09 11/29/2023
The Creative Team
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00:47:56 11/22/2023
The Creative Team
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00:39:53 11/15/2023
The Creative Team
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00:45:28 10/25/2023
The Creative Team
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01:17:31 10/18/2023
The Creative Team
We are continuing spooky month in a big way this week, Creative Team friends! October, we continue discussing all things Undertaker. Today, we Take it up with Creative! During the Monday Night Wars, there were many big names going back and forth from WWF to WCW and vice versa! The Undertaker never left the World Wrestling Federation. Ron & Cole will turn the clocks back and discuss what would have happened if The Undertaker jumped to World Championship Wrestling. How would it happen? When would it happen? Find out today!
01:03:55 10/11/2023
The Creative Team
It is spooky season Creative Team friends. As Halloween approaches, we can't think of a better character in the wrestling world to spotlight for the entire month of October other than the Phenom himself! That is right! All month long we are discussing all things Undertaker. This week, we kick it off with a Creative Team Top 10! The Undertaker has brought us countless historical moments over his 30-year career. So, we are going to solidify the Top 10 moments of the Deadman's run! What will make the cut? Tune in now!
01:33:41 10/4/2023

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