Part one of the New Bedford summer league, with guest Blaine "Elroy" Pina, Kelly Burgo and Kellan Gonsalves

Yo But Listen!
01:32:33 8/22/2021

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Yo But Listen!
Todays episode My co-host Kellan and I have the pleasure to kick it with Roberto Carter of the Wine down podcast, and Charlie Perry of the Really Charlie Podcast. Todays conversation is about everything from relationships, the podcast world and a bunch of other things you would enjoy.
01:57:30 4/19/2022
Yo But Listen!
Today our guest will be Grammy Award winning musician Abdou "Caliph" Doumbouya. We will be covering topics about his journey in the music business and his non-profit Safe+. Safe+ was put together to support the immigrant and black community as they deal with mental health.
01:17:30 9/4/2021
Yo But Listen!

This is a quick sneak peek into whats to come with the Yo! But Listen Podcast, hope you can relate.

00:01:06 5/22/2021

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