"St. Patty's & Work Life Balance" Women's Health Series, Episode 1

This is the first episode of our Women's Health Series, where we dive into what it's like to have Work Life Balance. Do you have it? What does Work Life Balance even look like? What are the steps we can all take to get there? Also it's St. Patrick's day 2020 so we have a special, festive drink to try! 





Sip and Tell
00:52:25 3/22/2020

Past Episodes

Sip and Tell

This is the first episode of Sip and Tell, and we are so excited to launch this podcast and connect with all of you! In this episode you get to hear our voices for the first time, get an idea of the show format, and DEFINITELY get to know us better! It's called Double the Corona, because we are sipping on something special and we recorded this right when the Corona was starting to reach the US. So grab a drink and hang out with us!




00:37:49 3/15/2020

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