S4 Ep.1 Pushing The Envelope For Season 4, Deep Dives And The New Ko-Fi Platform

Why Celebrities Become Typical Targets For Cults, Consumerism And Obsessive Behavior Creates A Fine Line. Tattness Also Addresses The First Show Topic On The New Ko-Fi PLatform.

Tattness Radio
01:00:41 1/5/2022

Past Episodes

Tattness Radio
Tattness Radio June 5 2024 Tattness returns with big news!
01:00:54 6/5/2024
Tattness Radio
Tattness ends 2023 with YOU the listeners.
01:08:45 1/1/2024
Tattness Radio
Tattness and Bounce Ball Boogie talk with Legends of Horror Mick Strawn and Joe Castro, Halloween themed music playlists and listeners share some creepy material.
01:45:08 10/31/2023
Tattness Radio
In the spirit of bringing back the show, Tattness digs through the archives and reflects on the weirdest moments of the first 4 years of The Tattness Podcast Uncensored.
01:19:14 6/20/2023
Tattness Radio
Tattness Radio The Ask Me ANYTHING Show Part 2 
02:17:19 6/18/2023
Tattness Radio
Tattness brings back the Ask Me ANYTHING show for 2023
02:29:02 6/14/2023
Tattness Radio
Tattness Radio June 12 2023 Tattness announces a special AMA edition. Send your questions to Tattnessradio@gmail.com
02:22:24 6/12/2023
Tattness Radio
Tattness Radio June 10th 2023 Tattness Trolls The Airwaves
01:05:28 6/10/2023
Tattness Radio
Tattness does a semi deep dive into his life events that culminated into fame. In honor of the news an  autobiography is in the works, Tattness gives a sample musically what got him through his turbulent life.
01:12:30 6/6/2023

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