Karolina Ciepiel- Immigrating to America & Learning to Love the Journey

Karolina Ciepiel is a Russian-American immigrant in pursuit of The American Dream, blogging her way through life to share her journey on her instagram and website Karolina State of Mind (@karolinastateofmind, http://karolinastateofmind.com)

Karolina is known for her sophisticated take on fashion trends and her Instagrammable Travel Guides, while remaining authentic in sharing her imperfections and fun sense of humor.

In this episode Karolina shares her unique story of immigrating to the US as a child, and the roles that both Russian and American culture played in shaping her life and her choices.

Karolina openly shares how her pursuit of perfection and success led her to a unfulfilling and sad place. But once she learned to trust and enjoy the journey of life, she's flourishing and happier than ever.

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00:39:06 4/16/2021

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Rose Gabler is an author, speaker, and creativity coach.

Growing up in a family of artists, she felt pressured to be artistically expressive but didn't know how to connect her innate creative strengths with her desired business goals.

She began a lifelong journey trying to bridge this gap and faced many challenges in discovering a solid link. After acquiring her master's degree in Business of Arts and Culture, traveling the world for three years, and interviewing hundreds of people in various industries about creativity, she discovered that there were five universal contributing factors that empower our ability to be creative and to utilize it as a skill. She was recently named one of the Top 20 Female Entrepreneurs to Look For in 2021 and her newest book The Creativity Gene achieved best seller status in the first day. Now, she lives in Chicago with her husband and two golden doodles, working with entrepreneurs, artists, and individuals to hone their creative strengths and align them with personal and professional goals to achieve success.

00:58:12 8/26/2021
Life Concierge Podcast

Sarah had the unique opportunity to have a reading with celebrity aura reader and psychic medium, Mystic Michaela. If her name sounds familiar, it's because she's been featured on episodes of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Off the Vine Podcast with Kaitlyn Bristowe and featured in Cosmopolitan, ELLE, and Shape.

After following Mystic Michaela for several years, Sarah shares what it was like to have her aura read and how she'll apply what she learned from her reading to her professional and personal life.

00:21:07 8/13/2021
Life Concierge Podcast

This week's episode is all about following your passion, and learning - as - you - go to ultimately find success! On this episode my friend and guest Amber shares her fashion philosophies, what it's like to start a business and be your own boss, and be a working mom.

Amber is the owner + buyer of Maren May's Boutique, an online women's clothing and accessories boutique based just outside of Raleigh, North Carolina. Their mission is to help women look and feel their best no matter where your day takes you. Whether you are a stay at home mom chasing after kiddos, heading to work, to church on Sunday morning, or a date on Saturday night- she wants to be your go-to choice for looking and feeling your best with functional, accessible, and sophisticated clothing.

Amber is married to her wonderful husband Daniel, and is the mama of 2 littles- Maren and Otto. The boutique is named after her daughter Maren May, who she describes as a cheeky little ray of sunshine and a huge inspiration behind following her dream of opening her boutique.

Be sure to check out her shop @marenmays.boutique on instagram and marenmaysboutique.com. And if you're like me and love a good deal, be sure to check her pages on Fridays when she has her weekly deal- I just got a great piece that can be worn as a dress or as a duster for 15% when that was her Friday deal and I love it!

Enjoy the episode!

00:47:30 8/6/2021
Life Concierge Podcast

I first met Matthew Meade through our love for and involvement in the Miss America Organization, and Matthew was Mr. Gay Ohio 2017. During his year as Mr. Gay Ohio, he witnessed first-hand and heard countless stories of hate, discrimination, and violence-- all because of a person's sexual orientation or gender identity. Matthew continues to feel a deep pain for his community, and for every community and individual who faces prejudice and hatred- which has fueled his drive to now run for United States Congress.

Views expressed by my guest do not necessarily reflect that of Life Concierge podcast. I wanted to use this episode as an opportunity to showcase someone who is giving every ounce of their being into accomplishing their goals, and doing so with the goal of helping their community in the way they feel will make the biggest impact. I also want my listeners to be interested in the topics that effect all communities in our country and beyond, and even if you don't necessarily agree with our guest, I hope you'll take a second to reflect on why your feelings on certain topics are what they are- is it because of your personal experience? Are you considering how other may be effected by this issue?

I hope that this episode will make you stop and think and perhaps even learn something or think of something in a way you hadn't before.

*We welcome any political candidate to be interviewed on life concierge podcast should they express interest*

00:34:47 7/11/2021
Life Concierge Podcast

We're checking in with Caroline Grace Williams just before her historical 2 year reign comes to an end. What's it like to be a titleholder during a pandemic? What's next for Caroline Grace? We're sad to see her reign come to an end but exciting for the opportunities that lie ahead for her!

00:49:29 6/16/2021
Life Concierge Podcast

Elika unknowingly started her path to health and wellness in 2007 and is now a life coach and mentor. As a teenager and young adult, she struggled to find her own way to authenticity and she's personally experienced the ups and downs of not living in one's own truth.

With a background in social work, school counseling and non-profit community programming, in addition to her experience in integrative wellness practices like yoga, Reiki + jiu jitsu, Elika brings a unique perspective and approach to her style of coaching and support.

Elika makes it a point to meet her clients where they're at and bring fun, easy-going energy to what tends to be a dreaded process.

Be sure to follow her on Instagram @coachelika and visit elikawhitneycom.

Every time Sarah has the chance to chat with her friend Elika, she feels a bit more relaxed- Elika is the type of person who puts you at east and we hope you get that same feeling listening to this episode.

00:47:53 5/24/2021
Life Concierge Podcast

Alex is originally a Midwestern girl hailing from Ohio. With a wedding planning background rooted in Washington, D.C., Alex is all in on events in the PNW these days. After living and working in the nation's capital for two years, Alex wanted a change but wasn't ready to give up the wonderful world of weddings and so Willow & Ivy Events was born!

Alex draws design inspiration from fresh flowers, vibrant color stories, playful patterns, and anything that sparkles.

When she's not planning, organizing, and executing events, she can either be found out training for an upcoming half marathon weekend or staying in with a good book. Alex also enjoys checking out new restaurants, watching baseball, traveling the world, and hanging out with her Maltipoo, Kip and her boyfriend, Brandon.

Be sure to follow her on Instagram @willowandivyevents and while you're there, be sure to follow @lifeconciergepodcast as well!

00:38:17 5/12/2021
Life Concierge Podcast

"It's seeing the completed project. That's what I just thrive off of."

Lee is a modern day homemaker or the male Martha. Lee had the incredible opportunity to intern for Martha Stewart in New York City. He's an interior designer my trade, and has worked as a stylist for Nordstrom and for designers during multiple New York Fashion weeks. He says he likes to think of himself as an entertaining expert- and let me tell you from experience, Lee's eye for detail in combination with his warm and charismatic personality make him just that. He's also working on a new highly anticipated project which we discuss in our conversation. Be sure to follow him on instagram- @essentia_lee

00:43:55 5/6/2021
Life Concierge Podcast

Happy First Monday in May! Today would've been the Met Gala, but the event has been moved to September. So if It feels like something is missing today because your Instagram feed isn't getting blown up with met gala prep and looks, I hope this walk down met gala memory lane with my friend Lee will fill the fashion moment void in your heart.

Lee and I worked together as personal stylists, and he's also done styling for new York fashion week, and he's a wealth of knowledge when it comes to fashion, design and entertaining. This is a special episode celebrating met gala fashion, but our full interview with Lee comes out on Thursday!

I'm posting all the looks we're talking about on this episode so you can see what we're referencing. Enjoy!

00:21:12 5/3/2021
Life Concierge Podcast

Paulette Burks is an experienced corporate social responsibility leader in the Central Ohio community - from working for two national non-profits to serving as the Community Affairs & Philanthropy Specialist for a well known fashion and home accessories brand, she is now continuing her servant leadership as the Sustainability Specialist at Alliance Data!

As a dedicated member of her community Paulette served as the 2017 – 2019 Marketing Co-Chair for the Columbus Urban League Young Professionals Board. April 2019 Paulette earned a Master of Public Administration from Wright State University and now affectionately refers to herself as Master P. When Paulette is not championing causes for women, children, education, and hunger you can find her with her twin sister brunching in the city!

Sarah hopes this conversation inspires you to step out of your comfort zone and meet new people to create genuine relationships.

Don't forget to add Paulette on Linkedin!

00:44:52 5/1/2021

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