Veteran Broadcaster Eric Martin Koppelman brings local, national and worldwide news as only Eric can. Eric has been broadcasting via the Internet since 2005 and is the founder of iRADIOUSA. "I look for stories that my listeners might not have heard or even know about....but need to. SOme stories are informative and serious, others will make you go no way or just laugh" says Eric.

Kopcast Live
33:50:00 9/27/2020

Past Episodes

Kopcast Live
In this episode Eric reveals which Presidential Candidate is now a Video Game Character.
02:03:00 10/19/2020
Kopcast Live
Veteran Broadcaster Eric Martin Koppelman brings his Radio Persona to the Podcasting Airwaves. In this episode Kop talks about Taxes and the President, Taxes and the Average American, Biden, the Rock, Eric Trump, Apple and more satire from the Babylon Bee.
33:00:00 9/28/2020

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