Global E-commerce Market Size Report 2022

Today's global e-commerce is no longer strange to everyone. With the explosion of information technology as well as the impact of a number of objective reasons, customers are more and more inclined to buy online than before. And if you have doubts, the report on the global e-commerce market size 2022 will give you a …. View detail

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Order fulfillment process is often considered complicated with many moving parts. To move the right product quickly to your customer is quite an undertaking and needs a lot of strategies, technology as well as labor. 

Since a lot of things can go wrong and they most likely will, anyone who oversees order fulfillment should identify potential problems in each step and avoid these pitfalls to complete all orders efficiently. This is why these folks need to follow carefully the 10 order fulfillment process steps. In this article, we will address all 10 steps of the order fulfillment process.

Every single step in the workflow is important and they will save your organization money as they reduce the incidence of lost or returned orders. But before we go through all of these steps, let's make sure we understand clearly the definition and what this process involves. 

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Choosing to outsource fulfillment is a vital step for many e-commerce D2C companies, which may not have previous experience with fulfillment at all. 

Choosing third-party fulfillment providers brings many benefits to the company: this provides cost savings, ensures fast and efficient delivery, and makes customers happy. But the 3PL cost needs thorough consideration.

First, let's take a look at an overview of 3PL below. 

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In the current digital age, buying and selling goods in cyberspace is not new to us. That opens up a vast business opportunity, and to be successful in this e-commerce field, you must have complete knowledge and optimal strategies. If you are looking for that then this article is for you. In this article, we …. View detail
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