Jadon and Evan break the podcast seal, with the first podcast in a long time. Hopefully we will be able to get back on the podcast train.

College Idiots Talking Sports
00:00:00 11/11/2019

Past Episodes

College Idiots Talking Sports
Evan and Evan discuss the current Quarterback free agents in the NFL. Tom Brady, Phillip Rivers, and more are discussed along with Evan's opinion on where they will end up.
00:17:00 2/10/2020
College Idiots Talking Sports
Evan talks about the importance of patterns in people, and gives his strong opinion on the Antonio Brown situation.
00:10:00 9/6/2019
College Idiots Talking Sports
This is a podcast about the first game of the 2019 NFL season, Antonio Browns drama, and Tyreek Hill. Check out our website collegeidiotspodcast.com.
00:23:00 9/5/2019
College Idiots Talking Sports
Listen as Jadon and Evan talk about their summer, school, trending issues, and of course, sportz.
00:29:03 9/4/2019

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