Episode Two - Chopping it up with Chops!

Episode #2 is a pairing of Local legends as the Conman welcomes the one and only Chops Turner onto the show! Mike and Chops have a long relationship and it shows as they cover everything from how they met and what made Chops decide to start singing in the first pace to talking about his first big break, playing at the Apollo, discussing the obstacles he had to over come and what he feels like he has left to accomplish. You wont want to to miss listening to these two good friends sit down for this fun, informative and enjoyable conversation!!!! Step Onto The Sports Corner with The Conman today!!!

Sports Corner with The Conman
01:12:53 3/19/2021

Past Episodes

Sports Corner with The Conman
The Conan is back for episode three with another amazing guest this week as Steve Burgo, founder of the Burgo Basketball Association stops by the studio this week to discuss how he got the BBA started, what made the league so successful and some of the great talent that has graced their courts over the years. The two friends talk about some of the difficulties Steve has endured over the years to maintain the basketball haven in his hometown and detail some of the generous people who are able to make it all possible and still contribute to this day Check out episode #3 today to hear a great interview with great basketball talk between great friends and listen to the story about how one of the great basketball areas in the country came to be and was created!
00:59:59 3/28/2021
Sports Corner with The Conman
Welcome to the Sports Corner with the Conman! On the very first episode, The Conman reintroduces himself to the masses before diving right into the Big East Tournament taking place this week and the Big East as a whole. Then he goes in depth on the potent, loaded 2021 class of NBA Hall of Fame nominees while mixing in some of his classic stories...The Conman is out here preaching, so step on the Sports Corner with The Conman today!!!
01:17:14 3/11/2021

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