Episode 152: Latinx, the new face of whxte supremacy.

You can't spell machismo without cheese.

Endless Ranters
01:23:58 5/14/2023

Past Episodes

Endless Ranters
Q unleashes her rage.
01:33:32 11/11/2023
Endless Ranters
We nominate Chris as tribute in the inaugural algorithm games.
01:42:23 11/5/2023
Endless Ranters
Our friend of the show, Andrew McG, joins us in an effort to spread awareness about Bucatini pasta.
01:31:06 10/22/2023
Endless Ranters
Friend of the show Russ drops by to educate us on the current state of affairs, offsides in soccer, & a complimentary oboe lesson.
01:28:46 10/22/2023
Endless Ranters
Welcome back to commie talk...
00:57:10 10/9/2023
Endless Ranters
Find out how you can sponsor a token Christian, today.
01:28:41 10/9/2023
Endless Ranters
Just don't!
01:25:41 10/9/2023
Endless Ranters
Mexico chose an interesting way of celebrating their independence day.
01:28:04 9/17/2023
Endless Ranters
This episode is sponsored in part by Imodium AD.
01:13:46 9/11/2023
Endless Ranters
Chris blows the lid wide open on shrinkflation.
01:23:33 9/2/2023

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