Episode 13: A New King in the NFC...For Now!

The Untitled Football Show is back with another episode recapping all the Week 15 NFL action and previewing all the exciting, important Week 16 games just weeks before the playoffs start. Justin's in solo for this episode and covers everything from the big 49ers' loss, the possible Spygate 2.0 controversy, Seattle rising to the occasion and Baltimore continuing to dominate. Plus he goes over all the Week 16 games, what team had he most Pro Bowl selections, the terrible last Raiders game in Oakland and so much more! Download and listen to another episode of The Untitled Football Show to get you ready for a great playoff season!!!

The Untitled Football Show
01:03:36 12/21/2019

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The Untitled Football Show
Matt is back in the saddle and the podcast is back in full force for another week of XFL action that saw some QB changes for teams like New York and Seattle, a close HOU/ DAL match-up that saw the Renegades suffer a huge setback in the 4th qtr, and Tampa Bay finally coming alive while DC seems to be plunging off of a cliff at an alarming rate. Flag being thrown back at refs, coaches breaking their legs and finishing the game...its all here plus a recap of all the Week 5 XFL slate of games. We are just about at the half way point for the XFL Season, check out Th Untitled Football Show to get you caught up and ready for the race to the finish line!
01:08:53 3/7/2020
The Untitled Football Show
Week 3 of XFL action is in the books and The Untitled Football Show has all the action covered right here! Justin is solo for this podcast due to Matt having a scheduling conflict but he gets into all the crazy happenings in Week 3 including the Battlehawks winning big in the first football game in St. Louis in years, Houston playing a tough game against one the most unlikely opponents and the Wildcats humbling the Defenders and some of their former LA teammates. Plus, we got a preview for all the Week 4 games heading into another slate of awesome XFL games! Everything you need and so much more all jammed into another episode of The Untitled Football Show!
00:50:51 3/1/2020
The Untitled Football Show
The XFL had an exciting week 2 that saw Houston pull out a close win against St. Louis , DC beat the Guardians and their QB into a temper tantrum, Seattle beat Tampa Bay in front of almost 30k people, and Dallas and LA got their QB's back in a dual that started slow but ended with a flurry of action. The Untitled Football show covers all the ups and downs of Week2 like Matt McGloin's melt down, Tampa's offensive issues and the Throwin Samoan falling short on their comeback attempt. And Matt and Justin go over all the Week 3 match ups for your listening pleasure! Download and listen today to get caught up with the new XFL's exciting brand of football!!!!!
01:09:57 2/19/2020
The Untitled Football Show
The NFL may be over but The Untitled Football Show takes no weeks off because football takes no weeks off with the return of the Vince McMahon funded, 2020 version of the XFL! Matt and Justin go over all the week 1 action and reassure you that this isn't the same brand of football you saw back in 2001 on NBC! Its amazing! The guys go over the teams, the new, exciting rules, and some names familiar to the die hard football fans, all while telling you what they enjoyed most about the first weekend of XFL Football! Then they get into the week 2 slate of games and what they want to see from the new league going forward. Get your XFL football fix here on another edition of The Untitled Football Show!!!
00:45:14 2/16/2020
The Untitled Football Show
Super Bowl 54 has come and gone and a big congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs for pulling out a hard fought, well deserved Super Bowl victory! Matt and Justin are back to close out this exciting year by talking about all the fun and excitement that was Super Bowl 54! The guys go over the big game, why SF really blew a golden opportunity and the ridiculously "controversial" halftime performance by JLo and Shakira as well as which commercials they liked the most. To close out the year they go over the NFL honors awards that were held on Saturday, prior to the big game and the guys debate some of the award winners as well as take a look toward next season and see who the odds makers say have the best chance to win the championship next season. With the NFL season coming to a close, Matt and Justin look toward the XFL season that starts this Sunday and talk about what they expect in week 1! All of that and so much more on this weeks episode of The Untitled Football Show!!!
01:25:19 2/3/2020
The Untitled Football Show
After a couple of weeks of hosting the show solo, Matt welcomes Justin back to the show and just in time for Superbowl LIV this Sunday! The guys talk about how the division championship games went, why KC and SF were able to make it to the big game and why this maybe one of the best Superbowls in a while! Plus the guys give their thoughts on the NFL Honors Awards being handed out and who will walk away with the hardware. This podcast is a special two part production, as Matt and Justin switch over and talk a little basketball for a shortened version of their original podcast, The BIG3 Weekly! The guys touch on some of the new and exciting rules that have been announced for Season 4 and talk about some of the events that have transpired since the end of Season 3 that will certain have an impact on the upcoming fourth season. Finally, the dual show closes with Matt and Justin's thoughts on the tragic, sudden passing of Kobe Bryant. Everything you need and more to get you to Superbowl LIV and beyond on the newest edition of The Untitled Football Show!!!!
01:35:46 1/27/2020
The Untitled Football Show
It's a solo show once again as Matt continues to hold down the fort while Justin enjoys his well deserved vacation! This week's episode includes a bit of news from around the league along with recaps of the Divisional Round matchups from this past weekend and a little preview about the games taking place on this upcoming Championship Sunday! There's even a little Hard Knocks talk thrown in the middle. So whether you're killing time at work, in traffic, or just lounging around the house, just sit back & enjoy the latest episode of the Untitled Football Show!
00:00:00 1/14/2020
The Untitled Football Show
Matt hosts the show solo this week as Justin enjoys a nice vacation, but he still has you covered for the latest news & going over the games that took place in the first round of the 2019 NFL Playoffs. Updates on the teams in need of a head coach, including the Cowboys, Panthers & Giants. Matt also goes over that awesome slate of games from the past weekend that saw only ONE home team get the win! Enjoy Episode 16 of the Untitled Football Show!
00:00:00 1/7/2020
The Untitled Football Show
Matt and Justin are back with another episode of The Untitled Football Show to ring in the New Year!!!! Week 17 of the NFL season finished with a bang after New England and Seattle both finished the season with some tough losses and blew some golden opportunities while the 49ers and Chiefs capitalized and will have a bye heading into the playoffs. We talk about all the week 17 action leading up to the playoffs, the entire slate of playoff match ups and we even talk about some of the college bowl games and some of the guys who will be entering the NFL next year as the 2019 season starts to wind down. Its all here and so much more of this weeks episode of The Untitled Football Show!!!!
01:04:07 1/3/2020
The Untitled Football Show
Matt and Justin are back in the saddle for the holiday edition of The Untitled Football Show! The end of the regular season is near but that just means that some exciting playoff football is right around the corner. We cover all the movement in the AFC and NFC playoff picture hunt, talk about the Cowboys blowing their chance, the Ravens cementing the Number 1 seed and talk about all the close Week 16 games that set the stage for a good final week of regular season football. That and so much more of another exciting edition of The Untitled Football Show!!!!!
01:26:03 12/21/2019

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