Episode 114: Paintball homos Ft two grumpy bastards

It's a full fucking house on this installment of endless ranters. We're joined not by one but TWO grumpy bastards, we crack an existential cold one with our boys about some current events, civil war, & the impending national divorce. We also get into some of our favorite war films & take a DEEP dive into the michael bay classic, battleship.

Endless Ranters
02:27:48 8/1/2022

Past Episodes

Endless Ranters
Chris takes the piss out of Jewel!
02:21:45 9/24/2022
Endless Ranters
All is not well under the sea.
02:05:30 9/17/2022
Endless Ranters
A moment of silence & 21 bong rip salute for her majesty's passing.
01:39:41 9/11/2022
Endless Ranters
We have a new cast mate, her name is Quana & YOU WILL respect/fear her!
01:47:27 9/5/2022
Endless Ranters
Don't make Robbie angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.
01:38:08 8/27/2022
Endless Ranters
Chris puts on his repurposed green cap & gives us a much needed eco-friendly dissertation!
01:20:02 8/25/2022
Endless Ranters
We pay tribute to one of the greatest to ever do it, Olivia Newton-John.
00:00:00 8/11/2022
Endless Ranters
Chris is being bulled by his son, SEND HELP!
01:50:31 8/5/2022
Endless Ranters
On this episode of endless ranters, mole man was out on an emergency milk run & that is no hyperbolic gay code. Chris & Robbie take the reigns & get into reincarnation, AOC, & Chris' love for public enemy.
02:02:07 7/26/2022
Endless Ranters
Joining Chris & Robbie on this episode is a guest that was on E A R L Y in the shows history, Ira Schwartz. He fills us in on his favorite 80's tunes, manning the wheels of steel, & the crew breaks down their favorite breakfast tacxs. Edit: Mole man took a "me day" to be a filthy fucking nerd.
01:55:04 7/14/2022

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