Julie finally got her shit together and posted this episode from a couple weeks ago. Enjoy, bitches!

Resting Bitch Face
00:57:42 5/13/2019

Past Episodes

Resting Bitch Face
Jochlyn found a quiet room to record in (no more sirens in the background) and Julie forget what we talked about. Enjoy!
00:47:30 5/13/2019
Resting Bitch Face
Episode 1 features a juicy interview with Love After Lockup Star Johnna DiGrigoli. She spills some serious tea about filming the show and the unraveling of her relationship with "Hot Felon" Garrett Tanner. Trust me, you don't wanna miss this one! *Had a couple technical difficulties during this episode. Please bear with me. The sound will get better every time.*
01:06:19 3/29/2018

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