Ep.4 It's Okay to be Hated by your Mother

In episode 4 of Crooke & Candle, Jordan and Trejen talk about the 3 major things that cause most artists to not progress on the path they are on, and what you can do to avoid said trappings that set you back as an artist...also Jordan get's a bit personal on this episode...what bothers him so? Listen and find out. https://bio.link/crookeandcandle

Crooke & Candle
01:12:38 11/22/2021

Past Episodes

Crooke & Candle
In this episode of the Crooke & Candle Podcast Trejen and Ozzy discuss when is the right time to make your hobby or business a full time job, as well as we discuss the importance of Social media for artists/businesses, as well as the importance of not disrespecting your audience. https://bio.link/crookeandcandle
00:58:28 1/18/2022
Crooke & Candle
In this New Year's addition of the Crooke & Candle Podcast, we discuss New Year's resolutions, the importance of constantly improving and stepping up your game, as well as tell a story that perfectly sums up 2021 and how awful of a year it was. Here's to 2022. https://bio.link/crookeandcandle
00:55:21 1/10/2022
Crooke & Candle
On this episode of Crooke and Candle, Ozzy and Trejen talk about the negativity and stifling of creativity that the broken Youtube Content ID system can bring, and we also talk about whether it's possible for everyone to be a great artist. https://bio.link/crookeandcandle
01:13:50 12/21/2021
Crooke & Candle
On this episode of the podcast, Trejen and Jordan talk about what got them on the path to becoming artists of a professional nature, and where they see themselves in a few years time. https://bio.link/crookeandcandle
00:56:00 12/12/2021
Crooke & Candle
In this episode of Crooke & Candle, Trejen and Jordan talk about what caused them to become artists/creatives and strive to make that their living, and also talk about the topic of, does hard upbringings make for better art, or is that just a myth? https://bio.link/crookeandcandle
01:07:17 12/6/2021
Crooke & Candle
In this episode of Crooke & Candle Trejen and Jordan tackle the topic "Selling out" and on the misconception of what it IS and what it ISN'T, and give our own personal thoughts on what we believe truly makes you a sellout. https://bio.link/crookeandcandle
01:13:23 11/29/2021
Crooke & Candle
In today's episode of Crooke and Candle, Jordan and Trejen discuss Youtube's decision to remove the dislike button from videos, the topic of the Metaverse and what that means for the future of humanity and how it will effect content creation, Nft's, Digital Content Creation, Etc. https://bio.link/crookeandcandle
01:07:12 11/14/2021
Crooke & Candle
In this episode of Crooke & Candle, Trejen and Jordan talk about how you know when you are on the right path (and when you are not) as well as some advice on how yo manuever the path you set for yourself, and the mistakes that can cause you to stray from said path. https://bio.link/crookeandcandle
01:12:54 11/8/2021
Crooke & Candle
Content Warning: Episode talks about mental health and depression. In the first episode of Crooke and Candle, Jordan and Trejen tackle the myth that is the Lonely Artist stereotype, from the perspective of two artists/creatives who have spent a majority of their time creating art. The question...is this stereotype factual, or rather a misconception? For those who are suffering from mental health issues or depression, we have listed some numbers to some hotlines. Don't take the easy way out, people care about you more than you think. National Hopeline Network: 1-800-784-2433 National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 National Youth Crisis Hotline: 1-800-448-4663 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA): 1-800-622-4357 Follow us on Social Media: https://bio.link/crookeandcandle
01:06:25 11/1/2021
Crooke & Candle
In the pilot episode of Crooke & Candle, Trejen and Jordan explains their reasoning for creating the podcast to begin with, what inspired them to go down the path of becoming creative people for a living, and what their hopes are for the podcast in general. ...Also don't suplex Your dog...FYI. No dogs were harmed during production of this podcast. https://bio.link/crookeandcandle
00:57:25 10/26/2021

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