Melissia Rene joined Dudes Talk Sh*t as we talked about everything from her boutique, dating, dick pics and more! Plus, TJ shoots his shot, but did he make it or was it a straight rejection?

Dudes Talk Shit
00:50:17 5/28/2019

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Dudes Talk Shit
The Great Bin Hamin joins the Dudes to talk some sh!t! Trump meets a sidechick at the bar, TJ & Bryan go back and forth (again), Anthony Joshua gets knocked the **** out and more!!
00:00:00 6/16/2019
Dudes Talk Shit
The Dudes are playing "Guest roulette", Trump is "juicing", Ayesha Curry running her mouth again, Kawhi vs Kobe, and a challenge and personal invite to the one and only Vince Russo!
00:53:17 5/28/2019
Dudes Talk Shit
It's Bryan Lyles' Birthday and he's in Portland, Oregon with former Ripped Radio Network personality, now WEPDX 96.3 personality, Sarah Gilmore, as they both join the convo. Trump's discusses his date from last week. La Doodlebug joins the show this episode, but what or who is that in her bed? TJ The Chicago Kid is back and gets raw as usual and promises to "shoot his shot" with our guest in the next episode (Episode 4), PLUS, how does Bryan really feel about Sarah??
01:10:23 5/28/2019
Dudes Talk Shit
In this episode, it's all about Beards, Wrestlemania and Women! Trump goes off on a guest who cancelled last minute, Bryan is having some serious "connection issues" & Special Guest Co-Host, TJ "The Chicago Kid" (host of Streetz Iz Talkin' on Ripped Radio Network) sounds off on a variety of subjects and holds no punches and uses ALL of the curse words known to man!
00:57:38 5/28/2019

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